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Robert J. Fouser, Hanok village keeper
Jun 20, 2012
Robert J. Fouser is the first foreign professor to teach Korean language teaching methods at Seoul National University. He also leads a campaign to preserve Seochon Hanok Village. One of his favorite foods is bibimbap, a bowl of steamed rice mixed with a variety of namul (greens)...

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Korean-German Dorothea Suh, seeking the roots of the Ko...
Jun 15, 2012
-Studies and researches Korean traditional music in university, inspired by pungmul, and promotes Korea as a blogger -Participated in the Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea press tour as a part of the Worldwide Korea Bloggers (WKB) Dorothea Suh Dorothea Suh is a 28-year-old Korean-German w...


Foreign volunteers reach out
Jun 14, 2012
Many foreign English speakers come to Korea for a year to teach English and then leave, but for many, that’s not enough. For those who feel like they should contribute more, there are many volunteer opportunities. Volunteer English instructors are always needed for a variety of g...


Robert Holley, hoping for a happy multicultural society
May 30, 2012
Robert Holley, an international lawyer and television celebrity, is a naturalized Korean citizen. He is telling his stories how he adapted to Korean culture and what he thinks South Korea should do on its way toward becoming a multicultural society.Robert Holley rose to televisio...


Home within home, Do-ho Suh
May 26, 2012
Do Ho Suh is widely considered Korea’s most representative contemporary artist after Nam June Paik (1932-2006) and U-Fan Lee (1936-present). He leads a nomadic existence, living in different parts of the world including Seoul, New York, Paris, and London. Over a decade ago, he st...


Kim Yeon-su, a novelist who aspires to do something new
May 03, 2012
“Would you introduce yourself for the readers of KOREA?” Your reporter immediately poses a blunt question to the novelist, Kim Yeon-su. He looks fazed for a moment, but soon starts relating his story with composure, saying, “I want to be a novelist who continues to write what he ...


Expat homebrewers introduce craft beer to Korea
May 02, 2012
For decades, beer drinkers in Korea have had limited options. But as Korea becomes increasingly interconnected with the outside world, more and more alternatives are becoming available to its residents. More and more imported beers can be found in grocery stores, and microbreweri...


Korean-American Jim Yong Kim new World Bank chief
Apr 27, 2012
Korean-American Jim Yong Kim will begin his five-year term as president of the World Bank in July 2012 (photo: Weekly Gonggam) Korean-born physician and president of Dartmouth College Jim Yong Kim has been selected as the next president of the World Bank. Kim, who was nominated b...


Korean and Irish film festivals team up
Apr 27, 2012
Korea was not quite like Grainne Humphreys first expected, and that’s a good thing. Grainne Humphreys (image provided by Humphreys)Humphreys, the program director of the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival (JDIFF) in Ireland, was introduced to Korea through cinema, parti...


My disability is God's ability
Apr 26, 2012
 Dr. Young-woo Kang was the first Korean-American policy advisor to the U.S. White House. He was blind for most of his life, but before finally succumbing to pancreatic cancer this past Febrary, he recalled on his deathbed that he had lived a blessed life.“I hope you won’t f...