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Hanok Homestay program invites visitors
Dec 06, 2012
More Koreans may be living in apartments than ever, but the traditional Korean house is making a comeback. Known as the Hanok, it is becoming a popular attraction not onl...


More Japanese schools establish Korean language courses
Dec 04, 2012
The number of students in Japan learning the Korean language has increased. According to Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun, the number of high schools that teach the Korea...


Gimjang, Korea’s winter tradition
Dec 03, 2012
As temperatures continue to drop, people in Korea have begun preparations for the long winter ahead. The recent weeks from mid-October to late November, in particular, ma...


Korean cuisine captures the hearts of chefs in New York
Nov 22, 2012
Korean cuisine has taken its roots from the rich culture and long history of the country, and now it is inspiring chefs around the world to incorporate its culinary tradi...


Healthy and tasty kimchi
Nov 07, 2012
Few Koreans would ever want a meal without kimchi. Repulsive to many foreigners at first, but incredibly addictive after a few tastes, kimchi is rich in lactic acid bacte...


In search of Korea’s traditional tea culture
Oct 17, 2012
With temperatures continuing to drop and trees beginning to show the richer, redder hues of autumn, few things are more inviting than a steaming cup of tea. Whether needi...


The Korean alphabet in the spotlight
Oct 17, 2012
The celebrations that took place across Korea last week for Hangeul Day (October 9) may be over, but renewed local and international interest in Hangeul is continuing to ...


Tracing the historic roots of Hangeul
Oct 04, 2012
The 2011 smash-hit drama Deep-Rooted Tree tells the fictional story of mysterious serial murders that take place in Gyeongbokgung Palace a week before Hunm...


Tastes of Korea in Seoul
Oct 02, 2012
In addition to a fast-growing population of over 10 million people, Seoul is also well known for its ever-expanding array of unique sights and flavors. Leading Swedish da...


Psy's popularity gives a boost to Korean language
Sep 27, 2012
When Korean rapper Psy appeared on the NBC Today Show on September 14, he spoke in Korean during an interview with the show host. He later said he was overwhelmed with em...