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Bucheon comic festival reaches out to world
Aug 19, 2014
Comic books and graphic novels are a medium for international communication, according to the 17th Bucheon International Comics Festival ( The festival was held over five days from August 13 to August 17 in the city just west of Seoul. This year's festival ex...


Masks & the Mask Dance
Aug 19, 2014
*This is the first part in our series, “Masks & the Mask Dance” published in partnership with the National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage Masks & the Mask Dance Masks, the so-called, "other face of humanity," turn the human being into another character, ve...


Dangun, Father of Korea: Korea’s foundation tale lends ...
Aug 14, 2014
Although the modern Republic of Korea is young, ancient Korean history stretches back more than 4,000 years to include centuries of warring kingdoms, oscillating political borders, and countless dynasties. In the beginning there was Joseon, the first Korean kingdom, and the first...


Medal winners at the International Congress of Mathemat...
Aug 14, 2014
The International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) opened in Seoul on August 13 with a ceremony for the Fields Medal, known as the "Nobel Prize of mathematics." Honors went to: Artur Avila, a 35-year-old mathematician and a senior researcher at the National Center for Scientific ...

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Seoul hosts world's largest math conference
Aug 14, 2014
“Without mathematics, there would not have been any digital theory to pave the way for the information and communications revolution, and there would not be any computer graphics that make it possible to create movies and animated films in which we now all revel. Using mathematic...


Korea is Asia’s foremost trendsetter: The Economist
Aug 13, 2014
The leading U.K. weekly The Economist has analyzed the factors behind Korea becoming Asia’s foremost trendsetter in its August 9 article, “South Korea’s soft power: Soap, sparkle and pop.” The Economist’s August 9 article, “South Korea’s soft power: Soap, sparkle and pop.”Th...


User-generated content, essay competitions to improve u...
Aug 12, 2014
An open competition to improve international understanding of Korea is underway. The 2014 Understanding Korea Essay & UCC Contest is being organized by the Center for International Affairs (CEFIA) at the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS) and will be held throughout August and S...


Students unite for a feast of the humanities
Aug 12, 2014
A group of university students has recently gathered from across the globe to enjoy an international humanities-focused speech competition. On August 9, the International Education Building at Ewha Womans University hosted the final rounds of the, "Exploring Korean Humanities Tog...

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Traveling through history at world stamp exhibit
Aug 11, 2014
Many people in their 30s or older may have once had a childhood fascination with the hobby of collecting stamps, or philately. The colorfully designed stamps pasted on the long-awaited letters were attention grabbing icons during those times. Although local Korean stamps each had...


Korean poems in English: ‘Korean Poetry in Classical Ch...
Aug 08, 2014
Korea and China have a long history of mutual exchanges. Geographical adjacency has made it possible, and far easier, for the two cultures to interact with each other much more than with other groups.The two Asian nations actively engaged in literary exchanges, too, evidenced by ...