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Korean language gains popularity across globe
Apr 21, 2016
Indonesian students study the Korean language at the Korean Cultural Center in Jakarta. More than 72,000 test-takers worldwide registered for the 46th Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) that was administered on April 16 and 17 this year. The popularity of the Korean la...


Multicultural project boosts cross-cultural communicati...
Apr 21, 2016
“Ni Hao, China.” “Xin chao, Vietnam.” “Kumusta, Philippines.” “Shalom, Uzbeksitan.” “Apa kabar, Indonesia.” These are all part of the series of Kkureomi (꾸러미) Culture Discovery Boxes. Each set of boxes got its name from a short greeting in the target country's main lang...


Motion pictures entertain festival-goers
Apr 21, 2016
Seoul is currently playing host to a movie festival that lets people enjoy a select set of Korean independent films and documentaries from around the world. The Seoul Museum of History will screen some rare independent movies and international documentaries through to ...


Stradivari Quartett comes to Korea
Apr 20, 2016
The Stradivari Quartett, based in Zurich, Switzerland, is made up of four musicians who bring four Stradivarius instruments into perfect harmony. It includes (from left) violist Lech Antonio Uszynski, cellist Maja Weber, and violinists Xiaoming Wang and Sebastian Bohre. ...


Korea, as seen through stamps
Apr 20, 2016
The second series of Science in Korea stamps is released by Korea Post. Joseon's Jang Yeong-sil and Heo Jun and modern times' Lee Tae-kyu are featured on the postage stamps.Korea Post has selected Jang Yeong-sil (장영실, 蔣英實), Heo Jun (허준, 許浚) and Lee Tae-kyu (이태규, 李泰圭) to be induct...


Korean recipes: buckwheat noodles, rolled pancakes
Apr 18, 2016
Buckwheat pancakes, or memil chongtteok, are made from buckwheat grown mostly in Gangwon, Pyeongan or Hamgyeong provinces. It's a well-known local delicacy. Known for its light and clear taste accompanied by a savory smell, buckwheat is one of the most popular grains and ingre...


K-pop becomes part of regular programming
Apr 18, 2016
"Now is K-POP" or " Teraz K-POP" in Polish, airs on the national radio station, gains popularity in Poland. K-pop is gaining explosive popularity in Poland. The Korean Cultural Center Poland announced on April 15 that a new radio program "Now is K-POP" or "Te...


May abounds with traveler discounts
Apr 18, 2016
May is the perfect month of the year for a getaway, and as April ends the month is drawing near. Around this time of year, a set of travel packages and discounts is awaiting spring adventurers during the so-called 2016 Spring Travel Week, a domestic tourism promotion ca...


Janggu drums bring Korea, Nigeria together
Apr 18, 2016
Participants in a janggu drum workshop perform with traditional percussion instruments from both Korea and Nigeria on Apr. 12 at the Korean Cultural Centre Nigeria. Korean traditional janggu drums have brought fun and excitement to Nigeria. A special performance was...


"Descendants of the Sun" finished with a beautiful kiss
Apr 15, 2016
“Song-Song Couple” and “Goo-Won Couple” join together and share a kiss, leading to a happy ending. The KBS soap opera "Descendants of the Sun" has wrapped up happily ever after, with the final episode grabbing the highest ratings in the series. On April 14, the fi...