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Korean cultural traditions served up in Paris
Nov 09, 2015
A wide variety of craftworks created by artisans welcomes visitors to the International Heritage Show at the Louvre Museum in Paris as the exhibit kicks off on Nov. 4. The International Heritage Show, an annual event that kicked off at the Louvre Museum in Paris on ...


Korean recipes: Ox bone soup, Seolleongtang
Nov 06, 2015
Ox bone soup, or seolleongtang, is a thick beef soup made using almost all the parts of an ox, from its head, bones and meat through to its intestines, and which is then boiled for a long, delicious time. There are many theories about the origins of ox bone soup, includi...

10th Asia TV Conference thpg_HL.jpg

Asian TV dramas prepare for global audience
Nov 06, 2015
"How can Asian TV dramas capture the hearts of audiences worldwide?" In a quest to find the answer, soap opera production experts from Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam and several other Asian countries have congregated at an annual conference. At the 10th Asian TV Dra...


Natural Alcohol, Cheongmyeongju
Nov 06, 2015
A Hanok home in Chang-dong in Chungju-si City, Chungcheongbuk-do Province (North Chungcheong Province), is filled with the fragrant scent of alcohol. This is where the brewery that makes the rice-based Cheongmyeongju (청명주, 淸明酒) alcohol carries on the family tradition of four gene...


Korean film fest to open in Hungary
Nov 06, 2015
The annual Korean Film Festival is to be held across Hungary from Nov. 10 to 14. Celebrating its eighth year, the festival has expanded its screening to six screens in four cities nationwide. The annual Korean Film Festival will soon be held in four cities across Hunga...


European collectors rush to buy Korean craftworks
Nov 04, 2015
Elaborate and exquisite Goryeo celadon, simple and plain white Joseon porcelain and green-gray buncheong ceramics. Korean pottery and porcelain have long drawn art collectors' and art lovers' attention, especially in Europe. Many European collectors, though, are now displa...


Modern Korea, as seen through pop music, soap operas
Nov 04, 2015
"After the near‐collapse of the world’s financial system has shown that we economists really do not know how the world works, I am much too embarrassed to teach economics anymore, which I have done for many years. I will teach Modern Korean Drama instead," said Uwe Reinhardt, an ...

Samgyetang Th_02.jpg

Eat your way across Korea: ginseng chicken soup
Nov 04, 2015
The delicious world of Korean cuisine is broad and deep. From the vast vegetable varieties of kimchi, through to the three pillars of Korean cuisine -- red pepper paste, soy sauce and soybean paste -- Korean cooking encompasses the expansive geography and habitats native to the K...


November nights to resonate with German orchestras
Nov 03, 2015
Autumn nights throughout November will brim with classical music, as three leading German orchestras are set to descend upon Seoul. The Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, the Staatskapelle Dresden and the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra are each ready to perform for class...


Jeong-dong hosts evening festival
Oct 30, 2015
The neighborhood of Jeong-dong in Jung-gu District is located in the middle of downtown Seoul. It was the center of exchanges when Joseon first opened its doors to other countries in the late 1800s. Western religions, such as Protestantism and Catholicism, and diplomatic delegati...