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National Museum of Korea shows Asian relics at special ...
Oct 27, 2014
The National Museum of Korea owns not only relics and artifacts from Korea. The museum also owns more than 1,600 heirlooms from across Asia. Most of these were collected from the museums of the old Government-General Museum of Korea, the Yi Royal Family Museum of Art, the imperia...

Kimchi love cartoon 02_115.jpg

Kimchi stories in cartoon format
Oct 24, 2014
My brother is staying with me for a few weeks and I introduced him to Kimchi rice the other day and he loved it. He has had Kimchi before, but staying with me is the opportunity to have it least once a day if not every other day. Although the comic below is a slight exaggeration ...


Silk Road travels with Cellist Yo-Yo Ma
Oct 23, 2014
Cellist Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble will present delightful music during two upcoming concerts in Seoul and Daejeon, mixing tunes from both Europe and Asia. The performances mark the 15th anniversary of the Silk Road Project and are part of the ensemble's Asian tour, foll...


Korea - Singapore, 'Soul Mate'
Oct 23, 2014
Regardless of where or when you are from -- the East, the West, the past or the present -- people are continuously on a quest to seek out their best partner or mate. The wish is to find the most charming partner, linked by love. Although it's rare to have that wish granted, the w...


Celestial Siblings: When the tiger comes knocking, look...
Oct 22, 2014
Among Korea’s folklore is a story that explains the sun and moon’s creation, as well as why a certain grass known as sorghum has a red tinge. The story has elements somewhat similar to those found in western tales like Little Red Robin and The Three Little Pigs . A Dedicated Mo...

Heavenly maiden and woodcutter 04_115.jpg

Childhood reminiscence via old stamps - Part 4. The Hea...
Oct 22, 2014
      The 'Heavenly Maiden and the Woodcutter' stamps were printed on March 5, 1970. (From top to bottom) The woodcutter hides one of the heavenly maiden's sets of clothes. The couple have two children. She takes the two children up to heaven. The woodcut...


'City of Light' shines with food, arts festival
Oct 20, 2014
A college press corps covering the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism poses with a smile on their faces on October 17 as the Gwangjang Festival is underway at the May 18 Democracy Square to mark the “Month of Culture” in Gwangju, Jeollanam-do.Gwangju is alternatively known a...


National Museum of Korea unveils new acquisitions
Oct 20, 2014
The drapes of Buddha’s robes are expressed beautifully and delicately. Though partly rusty, the aura is carved with vine leaves and the edge is shaped into a flame pattern. Accessorized with jewels, the gilt-bronze Buddha has all three requisite elements: the full body of the fig...

Jussen Bros3-20141020_115.jpg

Music Review- Two young pianists electrify Seoul with B...
Oct 20, 2014
A supernova of the 19th century music world, Franz Liszt (1811-1886) was a prominent pianist more than a composer. Each time he took to the stage, great numbers of fans swarmed him and threw flowers at his piano, so much so that at times it seemed as if it was raining flowers. L...


Denim jeans seen as art
Oct 17, 2014
A visitor looks around the special exhibition “Jeans” at the National Folk Museum of Korea.Denim jeans have many characteristics. They are regarded as comfort clothes, a symbol of youth culture and sometimes freedom or a special faith. The National Folk Museum of Korea has been h...