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Ryukyu Kingdom special exhibition opens
Dec 08, 2014
In November 1500, the ancient kingdom of Yuguguk (유구국, 琉球國), a chain of islands located far to the south and east of the Korean Peninsula, dispatched an envoy to the Joseon court. The envoy delivered a message to the Korean monarch. It reads: "King Sangjin of the Jungsanwang ...


Young artists from around the world gather in Seoul
Dec 08, 2014
The passion of young, promising artists from around the world will be on display at a festival in Seoul. At the World Cultures 2014 celebration, scheduled to take place from December 10 to 14, people can appreciate art programs recommended by six cultural centers from Germany, th...


Int'l scholars find traces of Hangeul
Dec 08, 2014
An international academic conference was held on December 5 at the National Hangeul Museum where they discussed literature and texts written in the Korean script that exist outside Korea, and ways to manage and preserve them. In celebration of this year's opening of the Natio...


First British memorial to Korean War veterans unveiled ...
Dec 05, 2014
Some 60 years after the Korean War (1950-1953) ended, a memorial has now been unveiled in London to remember the sacrifices of the British soldiers. The unveiling ceremony was held outside the Ministry of Defence in the Victoria Embankment Gardens near the Thames River, a venue o...


Gugak jazz mesmerizes Berlin audiences
Dec 05, 2014
Joyful or sometimes plaintive, the singular tones of jazz fill the concert hall. The audience shouts, “Bravo,” as exotic sounds are made by the sad melody of the daegeum, a large bamboo flute, of the haegeum, a fiddle-like stringed instrument, and of the drums and saxophone. Thi...

The Guest Hwang Sok-yong 115.JPG

Korean Literature in English 'The Guest,' by Hwang Sok-...
Dec 05, 2014
'The Guest,' by Hwang Sok-YongThe Korean War (1950-1953) is a historic event that had a great impact on the Korean Peninsula and the people living on it. Of the many different faces of war, big or small, that haphazardly happened across the war-stricken peninsula, Hwang Sok-Yong...


Jeju delicacies delight
Dec 05, 2014
One of the unmissable pleasures of travel is to taste the local specialties of the region. Each place has its own native dishes or local foods, depending on the characteristics of the region. Some of them cannot be found elsewhere and may vary depending on the season.Jeju Island,...


Goryeo tomb found with ancient Indian script
Dec 04, 2014
A tomb from Goryeo times (918-1392) has been recently unearthed in Sunchang, Jeollanam-do (South Jeolla Province), that features ancient Sanskrit script. The tomb in Sunchang-gun (county), known as the Old Burial Mound, or the Nongso gobun, was previously thought to be a tomb fro...


New talk show makes an international splash
Dec 04, 2014
On Oct. 19, Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul was packed with people trying to get a glimpse of 11 men on stage. The men in question were not members of a popular boy band – although all fit the attractive, polished profile – yet people crowded around, eager to see and hear them talk. ...


Ancient Baekje fortress wall believed to be 5 stories h...
Dec 04, 2014
In eastern Seoul, on the southern banks of the Hangang River, lie the ancient remains of an earthen-walled fortress, the Pungnaptoseong. Archaeologists believe it to be the ancient capital city of the Baekje Kingdom (18 B.C.-A.D. 660) from Korea's Three Kingdoms Period (57 B.C.-A...