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Suzy shines in Chungmuro through 'Architecture 101'

Source : enewsWorld (tvN)

Suzy is rising fast in Chungmuro for her performance in the film Architecture 101, and was the one to grab all the attention at the press preview held on March 13.

Although the four leads all appeared side by side in the film, Suzy managed to hog most of the spotlight. Officials had been skeptical about Suzy's acting as they didn't know much about idol girl groups, but Architecture 101 turned out to be a film of Suzy, by Suzy, for Suzy.

Officials from not only Lotte Entertainment, but also other distribution companies such as CJ Entertainment and Synergy poured praise all over Suzy, saying that “her casting was perfect.”

Officials from film production companies immediately tried to check Suzy's schedule with JYP Entertainment in order to get her to appear in their films.

One official said, “Suzy's pure image fit the ideal first love icon so well. Her acting was great, and her presence in close-ups was impressing. I only had eyes for Suzy rather than Han Ga-in or Uhm Tae-woong.”

Other officials also said, “We asked JYPE about Suzy's future plans for acting, but the agency said she had more plans to promote as a singer. Production officials that didn't realize Suzy's true value before were so sorry they missed her.”

This is not the first time Suzy′s acted, as she starred alongside Kim Soo-hyun for the KBS drama Dream High last year. She was able to relate more to the public with her 'familiar' thighs that contrasted with the fact that she was the member of a girl group with a pure image.

In Architecture 101, Suzy appealed to the viewers with those pure and feminine charms as much as possible.

An official said, “Actually, the same weight was put on the Han Ga-in and Uhm Tae-woong couple and the Suzy and Lee Je-hoon couple, but the parts with Suzy received the most favorable reviews and the director emphasized that well. Many said that they could only remember Suzy after seeing the film.”

Suzy took on the role of the young Seo-yun, who develops ties with Lee Je-hoon's role. The two college freshmen fall in love with each other but never confess their love because they don't have the courage. Later on, the future Seo Yun (Han Ga-in) goes to see Seung-min (Uhm Tae-woong) for the first time in 15 years to ask him to build a house for her. The film will premiere on March 22.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

* Article from enewsWorld (tvN) ( Lee, InKyung
* Translation Credit: Erika Kim

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