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Psy Heats Up Australia by Dancing with Spice Girls′ Melanie Brown

Psy danced his "horse ride dance" with Spice Girls′ Melanie Brown in Australia.

On October 16, Brown tweeted a photo of herself posing with Psy, saying "Yep we did it" and "Yes I did the dance with just me and him due to public vote on [The X Factor]."

Psy danced with Melanie Brown, a judge on the audition program The X Factor Australia, on the episode of the show that aired that day. Brown had received the most votes in a poll asking viewers who they would like to see dance Gangnam Style with Psy.

Korean pop artist Jae-Sang Park, aka Psy, performs in Sydney, Australia on October 17, 2012. Psy, who is an Internet sensation with the song “Gangnam Style,” is in Australia for a series of television appearances (photo: Yonhap News).

She revealed her daughter was a big fan of Psy, saying, "My daughter will kill me if I don′t do this," and although she was wearing a yellow mini dress and high heels, she still danced with Psy with all her might.

"You are a legend," she said to Psy after the dance, and Psy answered her with a thank you.

The producers of The X Factor also tweeted this day that "Psy is mesmerising."

Psy will stay in Australia for four days, appearing in various TV shows like Sunrise. After he wraps up in Australia, he will fly to America and concentrate his efforts on the country with Scooter Braun.

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