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[MAMA Highlights] Psy Takes Home the Well-Deserved Song of the Year Award for ‘Gangnam Style’

Psy’s Gangnam Style has had to settle for number two on the Billboard charts (for now), but it took top honors at the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards, snagging the coveted Song of the Year Award.

But the grand prize isn’t just for show, and the ncredible international attention Psy has received these last few months for the song prove it.

The numbers say it all

2: Gangnam Style ’s rank on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart at its peak.

2 million: The number of digital copies sold of Gangnam Style in the U.S. That’s double platinum status, according to the Recording Industry Association of America

5.6 million: The number of Guinness Records-worthy ‘Likes’ Gangnam Style’s music video has garnered on YouTube.

860 million (and counting) : The number of times Gangnam Style has been viewed on YouTube.

Check his trophy case

Literally within months of “going viral”, Psy has already racked up an impressive list of accolades for his hit single, proving that he is, in fact, more than just a viral sensation.

Following his official induction into the Guinness World Records last month for having the music video with the most ‘Likes’ on YouTube, Psy took home the Best Video Award at the MTV EMA then picked up the New Media Award at the American Music Awards a few weeks later.

And although Psy may not have hit number one on the Billboard chart, Billboard magazine featured the star on the cover of its November issue, a feat not many American artists can even say they’ve accomplished.

The song has also been included in Now That’s What I Call Music Vol. 44 compilation CD, and at least among teeny boppers everywhere, that’s pretty legit.

But for those who are less convinced of his influence, did we mention Psy is a candidate for Time’s Annual Person of the Year 2012?

Everyone is doing it

There’s only one thing that can bring country musicians, one famous glee club, a couple middle-aged women and Wolverine together, and it’s Gangnam Style .

Not only has the music video for Gangnam Style been viewed more than 860 million times on YouTube, just about everyone who has seen it has attempted the song’s signature horse rising dance. And when we say everyone, we mean everyone (a Spice Girl, Madonna—you name it). And their mamas.

So was Psy’s Song of the Year Award well-deserved? We think so.

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