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Korea travel guide app for Chinese tourists
Oct 23, 2014
A Korea travel information app has recently been launched by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) aimed at helping mainland Chinese tourists during their stay in Korea. The simplified Chinese app, Hanguo Zizhu You, provides Korea travel information, maps and shopping coupons. Sin...


Best spots for meditation in the heart of Seoul
Oct 23, 2014
Seoul is a metropolis flowing with a fast pace of life, a social phenomenon locals describe as being, "Quick, quick," or, "Ppali, ppali." For those who are too busy and cannot afford to get away from their daily grind, Seoul City has recently introduced 87 places where people can...


Between scarlet mountains and the deep blue sea
Oct 22, 2014
Not far from the border with North Korea, the East Sea fishing port of Sokcho is best known as the gateway to Seoraksan National Park, considered by many to be Korea’s most spectacular mountain park. The town itself is not large, but it is an important fishing port, and the const...


Chinese vacationers fly to Korea for shopping spree
Oct 10, 2014
Many Chinese tourists flew to Korea to go on a shopping spree during mainland China’s golden-week of national holidays from October 1 to 7. Where on earth did the Chinese shoppers -- commonly known in Korean as youkers -- go to do their shopping? What, exactly, did they purchase?...

six to buy 8_115.jpg

Top six items to buy while in Korea
Oct 08, 2014
Thinking of getting something to add into your personal collection or getting some gifts for your loved ones before you return from Korea? Here are some suggestions for you. 1. Korean Beauty Products. Korea is a shopping paradise for beauty products.  K-Beauty trend is o...


Events abound for October travelers
Oct 07, 2014
Autumn is here. With clear blue skies and crisp temperatures, it's ideal weather to travel in Korea. Over the past few years, the fall has been attracting more and more travelers to the country, domestic and international alike. This October in particular, Korea expects a larg...


Korail expands luxury cross-country Haerang rail servic...
Sep 29, 2014
Korea Railroad's (Korail) recently-expanded Haerang passenger train service is surrounded by a sparkling golden exterior and is equipped with high-end amenities that almost remind one of a luxury hotel. It provides travelers with everything from a cozy bedroom and shower fac...


Autumn tourism week offers discounts to travelers
Sep 23, 2014
The so-called "autumn tourism week" is scheduled to take place over eleven days from September 25 to October 5. Travelers can receive up to 75 percent off on 3,700 transportation and accommodation options and at a range of tourist attractions.Korail will provide up to a 30 percen...


'Safe Travel in Korea' published for overseas visitors
Sep 19, 2014
To help international visitors enjoy a safer and better trip to Korea, a new travel book, “Safe Travel in Korea,” has been recently published. The book contains a variety of information aimed at non-Korean travelers, helping them to cope with unexpected losses, danger or emergenc...

11 things to do around Seoul during Chuseok 01_copy.jpg

11 things to do around Seoul during Chuseok
Sep 05, 2014
This month, we have a nice fat long weekend coming our way (September 6-9 or 10). But before you start making travel plans, first let me explain why you should stay in (or come to) Seoul and what you can do here. Chuseok is often referred to as “Korean Thanksgiving,” but that’s ...