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A spring stroll around Seoul
Apr 08, 2014
An air of spring is everywhere these days.The Yunjungno parkway in Yeouido is the best and most popular destination to appreciate cherry blossoms. It saw an endless flow of visitors during all of last week. This normally happens in mid-April, when the street is colored with snowy...


Unusually warm spring moves up festival dates
Apr 02, 2014
The Yunjung-ro parkway in Yeouido, western Seoul, is busy with visitors coming to see the cherry blossoms on April 1. The Yeouido Spring Flower Festival will now start on April 3. (photo: Jeon Han) Spring flowers are in bloom earlier than usual this year as ea...


Theme parks woo people with flowers, festivals
Mar 27, 2014
All of Korea is being tinted with a symphony of spring colors. In cities and urban areas, amusement parks are one of the best places to appreciate the new season. With beautiful flowers and exciting festivals, theme parks attract tourists with the onset of more pleasant weather. ...


Colorful flowers beckon in the markets
Mar 20, 2014
The flower buds are already opening everywhere, but it is too early to say that spring is here. Winter still lingers with the last cold snap and outside it is still difficult to see the feast of flowers. However, you can see cascades of flowers in full bloom in flower markets nea...


Food Tourism 7: North Gyeongsang Province
Mar 18, 2014
This is the seventh part of our “Food Tourism” series. introduces readers to the local delicacies and to the culinary history of each province. Today, we bring you to Gyeongsangbuk-do (North Gyeongsang Province). Gyeongsangbuk-do is the center of the ancient Silla Kingd...


Tourists flock to soap opera filming locations
Mar 18, 2014
Seoul Broadcasting System’s (SBS) famous soap opera “My Love From the Star” has been attracting overseas visitors to its filming locations. As the drama is currently enjoying great popularity in China, a growing number of Chinese tourists are coming to Korea to visit the location...


Spring flower festivals to delight travelers
Mar 14, 2014
As the winter chill slowly ends, tourists are awaiting news of the arrival of spring flowers. The Korea Metrological Administration released on March 13 a map depicting the dates on which the cherry blossoms are expected to begin blooming across the peninsula this year. According...


Spring getaways across the country
Mar 05, 2014
As the chilly winter begins to wane, warm weather and a balmy breeze are slowly showing up across the country. As everything from the frozen water to the snow-laden trees begins to thaw and slowly comes alive, people are more eager to take advantage of a spring getaway with their...


Yeosu: Korea's southern paradise
Feb 26, 2014
Located in the heart of Namhaean, or the south coast of the Korean Peninsula, the city of Yeosu in Jeollanam-do (South Jeolla Province) is known for its clean and beautiful water. The name of the city comes from two words: yeo, meaning beauty, and su, meaning water. Beyond Yeosu ...


Food Tourism 6: South Jeolla Province
Feb 24, 2014
This is the sixth part of our “Food Tourism” series. Today, we introduce our readers to the local delicacies and to the culinary history of Jeollanam-do (South Jeolla Province). Click here to see the previous post about Jeollabuk-do (North Jeolla Province). Located in the southwe...