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Forest temples get immersed in autumn
Nov 17, 2015
Maple leaves covered by an autumn rain color one corner of Hwaeomsa Temple. Located near Jirisan Mountain, the temple is known for its red, orange and yellow autumn leaves. A late autumn rain blew off the leaves and hurried winter's arrival. Visitors to the forested temple...


Seoul tops world city list
Oct 08, 2015
The beauty of the Hangang River often overwhelms visitors as it flows through the heart of Seoul. Gunnar Garfors, a Norwegian travel writer, is one of them. He says Seoul is the best city in the world. Which city is the world's best travel destination? According to Gun...


Enjoy autumn nights at royal palaces
Sep 23, 2015
Seoul, the Korean capital since 1392, is home to a number of royal palaces, ancient structures scattered across the modern city center. Two of the palaces, Gyeongbokgung Palace, the official residence and workplace of the king, and Changgyeonggung Palace, a secondary palace for t...


Traditional markets serve up all things beautiful, deli...
Sep 21, 2015
Participants in the ‘Expats’ Exploration of Traditional Markets’ project have fun as they take part in a mission to find any 'bath stuff(1 piece)' at the Seomun Market in Jung-gu District, Daegu, on Sept. 19. Participants the ‘Expats’ Exploration of Traditional Markets’ project s...


Surround yourself with nature on Daebudo Island
Sep 15, 2015
The Gubongdo Sunset Observatory is the highlight of Daebudo Haesolgil trail No. 1. This spot is best known for its sunsets, where one can feel the true beauty of the Yellow Sea. People walk along the beach and mudflats that appear at low tide. As they walk, they are absorb...


Market makes childhood dreams come true with toys
Aug 20, 2015
About 100 shops are located in the Stationery and Toys Wholesale Market near the Dongdaemun market district. Visitors can find a variety of toys there. Many of the shops open early in the morning to get ready for shoppers. Toys line the shelves, tumbling into the street displa...


Photos reveal beauty of Korean landscape
Aug 18, 2015
This photo of the Anapji Pond blanketed in winter snow is the winner of this year’s Korea Tourism Photo Contest. Snowflakes fall on the lake and over the palace, creating an enveloping and peaceful scene. This is a photo of snow falling on the Anapji Pond in Gyeongju, wher...


A night in a traditional home gives great respite
Aug 10, 2015
Nowadays, many tourists flying to Korea travel much further than just hitting the well-known tourist destinations and places that spotlight pop music, soap operas and other content. During their time here, they enjoy new opportunities to experience in-person how people in the ...


Bukchon brings small-town warmth to bustling capital
Aug 10, 2015
According to the Korea Tourism Organization, a total of 14,201,516 people came to Korea during the year 2014. What elements attracted them to Korea? A number of media outlets have said that one of Korea's charms is the harmony that exists between tradition and modernity. Many...


Avoid summer heat at waterfalls
Aug 03, 2015
A family on vacation avoids the heat at the Suok Falls in Goesan, Chungcheongbuk-do (North Chungcheong Province). The sweltering summer heat continues to bother people, both day and night. Beaches and water parks are overcrowded nationwide with a continuing flow of people. If ...