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Learn Korean

Learn Korean

□ The King Sejong Institute

The King Sejong Institute (KSI) comprises of a global network of Korean language and cultural centers. KSIs worldwide provide Korean language education to those interested in a second language and introduce non-Koreans to many aspects of both traditional and modern Korean culture, ranging from traditional music and arts & crafts through to martial arts and modern dance. Anyone wishing to learn more Korean or about the many aspects of Korean culture is welcome to visit a KSI.

The KSI operates 130 branches in 54 countries worldwide. There are 79 branches in Asia, 24 in Europe, 20 in the Americas, 5 in Africa and 2 in Oceania. To meet the globally growing demand to learn Korean, the King Sejong Institute Foundation, which oversees the operation of all KSI centers, plans to gradually establish more KSI branches in locations with a shortage of Korean language educational facilities.

□ Find your nearest KSI branch:


□ Korean Language Education

KSI branches worldwide offer standardized Korean language education. Qualified teachers use a standard textbook, "Sejong Korean," and workbooks. The texts are developed according to the linguistic and cultural backgrounds of the country concerned to ensure that the classes cater to the needs and unique characteristics of local learners.


The KSI in Bogotá, Colombia.


The KSI in Makassar, Indonesia.


The KSI in Wuhan, China.


The KSI in London, England.

□ Korean Cultural Education

In addition to providing Korean language education, the KSI holds cultural events to help participants become familiar with many aspects of both traditional and modern Korean culture. At such events, participants get a chance to cook Korean food and to try their hand at traditional Korean handicrafts. They can also learn about both traditional Korean musical instruments and modern Korean pop music from experts sent overseas from Korea.


A Korean calligraphy class is held at the KSI in Bonn, Germany.


A taekwondo class is held at the KSI in Chongqing, China.


A traditional mask dance class is held at the KSI in Ankara, Turkey.


A Korean cooking class is held at the KSI in Dalian, China.

□ Sejong Student Invitation Program

Every October, in time for Hangeul Day, October 9, which commemorates the creation and proclamation of the Hangeul alphabet, outstanding KSI students from around the world are invited to Korea for a week-long visit. During their visit, the students are given a chance to gain first-hand experience at various aspects of traditional and modern Korean culture through taekwondo lessons, modern dance lessons and even traditional percussion quartet, samulnori, lessons, among other activities. They also get to tour famous tourist attractions across the country.


□ An Online Platform to Learn About Korean Language and Society, the Nuri-Sejong Hakdang

The KSI provides learning materials on the Korean language and on both traditional and modern Korean society through an online platform, the Nuri-Sejong Hakdang. It has content available in 11 languages, including English, simplified Chinese and Spanish. A wide range of Korean language textbooks and learning materials are provided as e-books. Other content, including two minute animated videos on conversational Korean and online comic strips about Korean society, are also available. The KSI's Nuri-Sejong Hakdang is an ideal learning place for those who do not live near a KSI or who have difficulty visiting a Korean language institute. Note that the Nuri-Sejong Hakdang can also be accessed using mobile devices.

□ Please visit the Nuri-Sejong Hakdang:  


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