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Reservation Assistance

Reservation Assistance

Reservation Assistance

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KTF, the first mobile service provider to successfully launch inter- standard GSM-CDMA automatic SIM roaming in the world, provides you with Automatic SIM Roaming service which enables you to use your own GSM mobile phone number while you're here in Korea. ln Korea, KTF In-bound Roaming allows you to communicate with your family, colleagues, and friends as if you were in your country.

1. Rent a Phone

  Item Details
Daily Rental Charge (Including V.A.T) General price 3,000 won/day
VisitKorea Member charge 2,000 won/day
* 2nd use or more - 1,500 won/day
Call Charge (Excluding V.A.T) Call Charge 100 won/10 sec.
International Call International call rates by country
(No separate cell phone charge)

2. SIM Roaming

Item Details
Daily Rental Charge 1,300 won/day
Call Charge Call charges will be invoiced directly by your home operator.

3. Notice

  • Customer may pay for the cost of calls and phone rental in cash or by credit card upon return of handsets.
  • If you do not return your handset, daily rent will continue to be imposed.
  • Customer is responsible for any damage or loss of the handset and accessories
    (Handset insurance for loss or damage not provided)
Skype roaming, Korean Phone Rental service enables the business, leisure traveler and overseas resident to stay connected with your business associates and family while visiting most cities throughout South Korea. You can rent a Korea handset at skype global roaming centers conveniently located in Incheon. Korea roaming service covers 99% of populated area of South Korea. Skype rental roaming is a good communication solution during your stay in Korea.

The Lowest price
- Lowest rental fee/International & Domestic call rates
FREE Incoming Calls
- Enjoy unlimited free incoming calls whenever you want
** 50% Off of rental fee for Online reservation
- 2,700 KRW -> 1,400 KRW (10%VAT excluded)
No Subscription fee, Free CID service

1. Rental Fee (10% VAT exduded)

Subscription fee Free of Charge
Daily Rental Charge 2,700 KRW / Day
Calling Charge Domestic 90 KRW / 10 Sec
International International Calling Rate
Receiving Free of Charge
SMS(Text message) Charge Outgoing Domstic: 20KRW
International: 300KRW
Incoming Free of Charge

2. Rental Fee (10% VAT excluded / KRW)

Country Country Code 00365
Sec Min
U.S.A 1 12.0 720
Japan 81 14.4 864
China 86 16.0 960
Special Offer

Since its establishment in 1984, SK Telecom has grown into not only a number one mobile service operator in Korea but also a major player in the global information communications industry. We are dedicated to building a trustworthy relationship with customers.If you do not bring your handsets or have no automatic roaming phones, we can give you an outstanding rent a phone service wherever you go in Korea! Come on by and enjoy the difference.

1. Price Plan (A surtax of 10% not included.)

Rental Free
Calling Charges Payment Method Long-term Rental Benefit
3,000 KRW
per day
(10% VAT excluded)
1. Incoming calls: free
2. Local calls: 100KRW/10 seconds (10% VAT excluded)
3. International calls: international calling rates + 100KRW/10 seconds (10% VAT excluded) 4. SMS(Domestic SMS): 100KRW/case
Cash or credit cards available + 10day:Rental Free is 2,000KRW/day after 10 days.+ 30day:Rental Free is 1,000KRW/day after 30 days. + 2months:Rental Free will be charged every month(10% VAT excluded)

2. International call rates (Unit:won/60sec.)

Country 00700 001 002 008
U.S.A 756 888 888 876
Japan 984 1290 1278 1272
China 1380 1596 1596 1584

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