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From encounter to companion: Istanbul-Gyeongju Expo end...
Sep 23, 2013
The Istanbul-Gyeongju World Culture Expo 2013 came to an end on September 22. Hosted in Istanbul, the city regarded as a middle point between Asia and Europe, the expo featured cultural exchanges with 40 participating countries for 23 days starting from August 31.“The cultural ex...


A 21st-century Chuseok
Sep 19, 2013
Chuseok, the holiday sometimes referred to as Korean Thanksgiving, is all about family. It is one of two major holidays in Korea (the other being the Lunar New Year) that traditionally see people making a mass exodus out of the city to meet their families in their hometowns. Ther...


K-Animation wins over global audience
Sep 18, 2013
Most Koreans who grew up prior to the 1990s were fond of American animated characters like Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny or Japanese characters like Astro Boy and Anpanman. An exhibit celebrates the 10th anniversary of Pororo at the Seoul Character and Licensing Fair 2013. In t...


Songpyeon varieties offer fun, tastes for Chuseok
Sep 17, 2013
As autumn has come with its cool breeze to blow away the scorching heat of summer, Chuseok is around the corner at last, a Korean holiday equivalent to Thanksgiving. Historically, Koreans have regarded Chuseok, also known as hangawi, the 15th day of August on the Lunar calen...


Chuseok holidays filled with cultural delights
Sep 17, 2013
During the Chuseok holiday, a variety of events catering to people of all ages are taking place at palaces, museums, and royal tombs around the country. Various performances and participatory events open to all will offer opportunities to learn about traditional Korean culture. O...


Film fest offers subtitles for Chuseok screenings
Sep 17, 2013
The Chewsock Film Festival will offer 20 screenings, including Barbie by Lee Sang-woo, The Berlin File by Ryu Seung-wan, and Super Virgin by Baek Seung-gi (images: Indie Com Media, CJ Entertainment, Curuk2 Studio). One of Korea’s main holidays, Chuseok is a traditional family ce...


Museum tour for foreign children in Korea
Sep 16, 2013
The National Museum of Korea plans to launch a museum tour program for international schools in Korea. The program is designed to help foreign students learn about traditional Korean culture with ease and fun. Foreign children wear replicas of gold crowns and attire of the T...


Korean gayageum master spotlighted in British book
Sep 16, 2013
A book featuring Korean gayageum (Korean zither-like instrument) master and composer Hwang Byungki has been published in the UK. This is the first time for a Korean musical expert in traditional Korean music to be covered in an English analytical work. Professor Andrew Killi...


13th Broadcast Worldwide in Seoul
Sep 13, 2013
The 13th Broadcast Worldwide (BCWW2013) took place in Seoul from September 11 to September 13. A total of 1,500 television and visual content industry people from 50 countries around the world took part in the event. Major broadcasters including BBC Worldwide from the UK, NHK Ent...


Gwangju Music Festival, a feast for your ears
Sep 13, 2013
The first weekend of September, a variety of musical genres rang out loud in Gwangju. The two-day Gwangju World Music Festival 2013 was hosted on September 6 and 7 in around the city where the Asian Culture Complex is currently under construction. The fourth annual music festival...