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President reaffirms Korea-Qatar affinity through sport
Mar 09, 2015
President Park Geun-hye, on her four-state visit to the Middle East, attended a taekwondo demonstration on March 7 in Doha, Qatar, the final stop on her tour. President Park Geun-hye (front, left) delivers words of encouragement to a Korea-Qatar taekwondo team in Doha, Qatar...


What comes to mind when thinking about `grey`?
Mar 09, 2015
Last Saturday was a rainy day with a grey sky all day long. As a Belgian I`m used to see this grey sky very often in Europe and not only during winter! In Korea we are lucky to have blue sky and sun almost every day.  So on this rainy day I was thinking what comes to my min...

115 Fusion Cuisine In Seoul 01.jpg

Fusion Cuisine In Seoul
Mar 06, 2015
Korean cuisine has already been getting a good rap in the international food scene. Having been to the Land of the Morning Calm for more than 10 times, I always look forward to authentic restaurants offering hansik (한식, Korean food), homemade meals prepared by the moms of my Kore...

Sunset in Bukchon Hanok Village 07 115.jpg

Sunset in Bukchon Hanok Village
Mar 06, 2015
A little over a year ago, I moved to Bukchon Hanok Village from Yeonhui-dong. I moved there to be closer to Sungkyunkwan University, which is just on the other side of Changdeokgung, a brisk walk up the hillside. Bukchon itself is the area between the palaces Gyeongbokgung and Ch...


NYT highlights LA's Koreatown as intersection of East &...
Mar 05, 2015
Recently, the New York Times put Los Angeles' Koreatown neighborhood in the limelight, saying that is has a vibrant atmosphere. On February 11, the New York Times published, "36 Hours in Koreatown, Los Angeles," part of a series of seven-minute documentaries based on a reporter's...


Two operas bring laughs & fun to Daegu
Mar 05, 2015
Two operas are on their way to Daegu to shower local audiences with unstoppable laughs and fun. The Daegu Opera House will stage Rossini's “The Barber of Seville” and then Mozart's “The Marriage of Figaro.” Both works are based on French playwright Beaumarchais’s three-part Figar...

1 Jeongwoldaeboreum 115.jpg

The First Full Moon and Spring's Jeongwol Daeboreum
Mar 05, 2015
Jeongwol daeboreum is a Korean tradition celebrated at the start of spring, the day of the first full moon of the lunar year.This year, jeongwol daeboreum is today, March 5! In Korea, people will wish everyone for good fortune and good health by cracking a peanut or walnut with t...


Readers in Havana get taste of Korean literature
Feb 26, 2015
A Korean Literature Night has been held in Havana, Cuba, a country known for its passion for books and literature. The event was held on February 13 on the sidelines of the 2015 International Book Fair of Havana. As part of the event, poet Moon Chung-hee and novelist Oh ...


Masks & the Mask Dance
Feb 26, 2015
This is the sixth part in our series, “Masks & the Mask Dance” published in partnership with the National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage The Lion Dance (Top) A lion comes out of the kitchen holding a bowl made from a gourd in its mouth; (bottom) A lion steps ...


Korean film via stamps -- 'TaeGukGi: Brotherhood Of War...
Feb 25, 2015
The film "TaeGukGi: Brotherhood Of War" is about two brothers who are swept away in a gruesome war and end up fighting on opposite sides. The film, set during the Korean War (1950-1953), was released on February 25, 2004. It was a landmark in the history of Korean cinema, setting...