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Westerners’ insight into southernmost island
Jan 09, 2015
Jeju Island, Korea's biggest volcanic island, jutting out of the sea across from the southernmost part of the peninsula, is known for being rich in history and tradition, as well as for its magnificent natural sights. That’s why many tourists, not just from home, but from abroad,...


Smithsonian unveils Korean artifacts online
Jan 08, 2015
Some 781 Korean artifacts that all belong to the Smithsonian Institution have been unveiled online. The Freer and Sackler Galleries of the Smithsonian Institution posted the photographs of 40,691 pieces of Asian art and artifacts at its homepage ( on Janua...


Film, theater masters to share expertise with youth
Jan 08, 2015
Three Asian film and theater masters will come to Korea to share with the younger generation their expertise in making films and plays that they have accumulated over the course of their career. The three are film directors Tsai Ming-Liang from Taiwan and Apichatpong Weerasethaku...

The Way to Sampo 115.jpg

Korean film via stamps -- 'The Road to Sampo'
Jan 08, 2015
The third series of Korean film stamps issued by Korea Post in 2009 contains four representative films from the 1970s and 1980s. This single sheet of stamps includes the movies "The Road to Sampo" (1975), " Never, Never Forget Me" (1976), " Yalkae" (1976) and " Chilsu and Mansu" ...


A rendezvous between fantasy and fairy tale: Vladimir K...
Jan 07, 2015
'Diary of Discovery' 'Walnut of Eden'Each piece of paper becomes a seagull, flying high in the sky. This is the world of Russia-born painter Vladimir Kush (b. 1965) in his work “Diary of Discovery.”On his canvas, his fairy tale-like imagination creates a beautiful fantasy wor...


Jogakbo quilting retains traditional patterns, c...
Jan 07, 2015
Pillows decorated in the traditional jogakbo patchwork pattern show the harmony of colors. “The traditional arts will always be successful,” said Kang Keum Seong, a handicraft designer at ViiN Collection. She makes bedding, clothes and craftworks using the traditional jogakbo pat...


A glimpse at Joseon royal seals
Jan 06, 2015
Ancient documents and books from Joseon times (1392-1910) were traditionally marked with stamps or seals. The royal stamp, called the eobo (御寶) represented the king’s official approval. The king’s stamp is one of Joseon's royal traditions, a tradition that represents the king’s p...


KBS launches history documentary website
Jan 06, 2015
Well-known history TV documentaries can now be enjoyed at a new portal site. To mark the 70th anniversary of Korea’s liberation from Japanese imperialism, Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) has launched a new website, the KBS History Portal, (, on January 1...


Domestic movies dominant for four straight years
Jan 02, 2015
In 2014, domestic films captured over 50 percent of the local movie market for the fourth straight year. According to local box office data, total movie ticket sales hit a record of 215 million last year, an increase of 0.8 percent from the 213 million tickets sold in 2013, annou...


38 countries send greetings to Korea
Jan 02, 2015
“Korea Clickers!, please continue giving us awesome news on Korean politics and culture!”- The Philippines"All South Koreans are good, they have a good time without anything bad.”– Colombia“Thanks for sharing Korean information for the whole year.”– Indonesia“I am so glad that I ...