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Joseon royal procedural records now available online
Jan 29, 2016
Many parts of the Uigwe, a collection of royal protocol guidelines covering a wide range of royal occasions and which were kept at the Oegyujanggak Archive, are soon to be available online. Made up of both text and illustrations, one well-known illustration shows a royal processi...


Korean recipes: spicy stir-fried small octopus, nakji b...
Jan 22, 2016
What would you feed a weak, sick bull to make it immediately stand up? The answer is small octopuses, or nakji (낙지). Jeong Yak-jeon (정약전, 丁若銓) (1758-1816), a scholar and court servant from mid-Joseon times, wrote in his book “Jasaneobo” (자산어보, 玆山魚譜) in 1814 that, “W...


2016 celebrates artist Nam June Paik
Jan 22, 2016
Nam June Paik performs a ritual entitled 'Homage to Joseph' in the back courtyard of the Gallery Hyundai in 1990 to commemorate the death of German avant-garde artist Joseph Bueys. There will be plenty of opportunities to see Nam June Paik's artworks in Korea in 2016. ...


NE Asian shared values, differences, as seen through 80...
Jan 22, 2016
The Northeast Asia Trilateral Forum recently released an annotation of 808 Chinese characters that are commonly used in Korea, China and Japan. The three biggest Northeast Asian languages have shared a Chinese writing system for many centuries, and each has modified and ...


Psy sets new record
Jan 21, 2016
Global pop sensation Psy has hit a new record. At dawn on Jan. 20, YG Entertainment announced that Psy's hit single "Gangnam Style" has achieved 2.5 billion views on YouTube since its release in July 2012. That morning, the number officially surpassed 2,500,187,626 views. ...


Korean seafood dishes on display in Madrid
Jan 21, 2016
Visitors line up to sample some of the fermented vegetables on offer at the Korean booth at last year's Madrid Fusion, a Spanish food fair. Starting on Jan. 25 at this year's international gastronomic event, Korea will share one specific slice of its cuisine: dishes that use seaf...


Make yourself some handmade chocolate
Jan 21, 2016
Both sides of the Cheonggyecheon Stream are home to many of Seoul’s markets and shopping areas. Make yourself some handmade chocolate. A few years ago, I remember visiting a Mongolian friend’s family’s home in Seoul. It was filled with chocolate, butter and a large amount ...


'Webnovels' to follow 'webtoons'
Jan 19, 2016
Monday morning on the subway. Among the dense crowd of commuters, a Mr. Kim, securing some space for himself to move his arms, touches the screen of his mobile phone. He's reading "A Love Song for the Conqueror" (패왕연가), an adventure action novel published serially online. Since h...


Traditional drinks keep you healthy in winter
Jan 15, 2016
In winter, people can easily catch a cold or other illness because cold weather makes our immune systems a bit weaker. To stay healthy and to protect the immune system, people traditionally prepared two special drinks: yuja hwachae, a fruit punch made from citron, and sujeonggwa,...


'The World of Us' goes to Berlin
Jan 15, 2016
'The World of Us' has been invited to the Berlin International Film Festival to be held next month. The film "The World of Us" ("우리들," 2015), directed by Yoon Ga-eun, has been invited to the 66th Berlin International Film Festival that will begin next month. Th...