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Gat, traditional headgear in Korea [6]
Mar 05, 2014
*This is the sixth part in our series, “Gat, traditional headgear in Korea.” Various Types of GatHats are distinguished according to the main material used in their production. The periodical changes in size and materials, combined with the emergence of various symbols and d...


Korean literature in French: ‘No Matter Where You Are’
Mar 05, 2014
There is a new piece of literature being much read by French audiences these days: the full-length novel “No Matter Where You Are” (unofficial translation), penned by Lee Seung-u. The novel was first published in French by Paris-based publisher Editions Zulma in 2012. Last year, ...


Soap opera drums up chimaek fever
Mar 03, 2014
The soap opera “My Love From the Star” continues to win fans both at home and abroad, as it wrapped up its first season on February 27. The show, produced by the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS), is a romantic comedy featuring top actress Cheon Song-yi (played by Jeon Ji-hyun) and...


Musical reflects a Van Gogh who never put down his brus...
Mar 03, 2014
Many remember Vincent van Gogh as a painter that created far-reaching influential paintings. At the same time, they remember him as an ill-fated artist who sold only one of his more than 2,000 works throughout his life. Unfortunately for him, many of his works only earned fame po...


ASEAN-Korea forum focuses on cultural exchanges
Mar 03, 2014
A forum on cultural and arts exchanges across Asia was held in Seoul recently. Staffers and influential figures in the culture and arts sectors from the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN), including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and the ...


Lee Jung-sup’s “Bulls” grace Deoksugung gallery
Feb 28, 2014
One hundred masterpieces of modern art have been on display at the gallery in Deoksugung Palace, a branch of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (MMCA), since late October last year. The exhibition features 100 modern paintings completed by 57 artists who re...


Korean literature in English #10
Feb 27, 2014
The Library of Korean Literature series is a collection of ten Korean novels published in English in the U.S. last year. (photo courtesy of the Literature Translation Institute of Korea)The last volume in the ten-part Library of Korean Literature series is “No One Writes Back,” J...


President goes to theater on Culture Wednesday
Feb 27, 2014
President Park Geun-hye saw the progressive play “Finding Kim Jong-wook” with university freshmen in Seoul on February 26 to mark “Culture Day,” the last Wednesday of every month. “Culture seems to be far from us, but it is much closer than we imagine. We breathe with it in our l...


Three Korean films highlighted in Berlin
Feb 26, 2014
Three Korean films received awards recently at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival. The winners were “Sprout,” directed by Yoon Ga-eun, “Non-Fiction Diary,” by Jung Yoon-suk, and “A Dream of Iron,” by Kelvin Kyung Kun Park. The short film “Sprout” won the Crystal Bear for...


Gat, traditional headgear in Korea [5]
Feb 25, 2014
*This is the fifth part in our series, “Gat, traditional headgear in Korea.” 3) Making the yangtaeThe manufacturing of a brim refers to the process of enveloping in silk cloth or attaching bamboo or silk strands one by one, according to the needs of beach beoreong and type of hat...