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Korean newspapers print obituaries for Umberto Eco, Har...
Mar 08, 2016
Major Korean newspapers recently published obituaries of two great authors, mourning for the loss incurred by the global writing community. The two great authors were Umberto Eco and Harper Lee. Bookstores across the country have set up special kiosks dedicated to the two late au...


Seoul Thermal Power Plant to produce electricity & arts
Mar 07, 2016
Artists perform during a pilot event last May at the Seoul Thermal Power Plant. The power plant is being transformed into the Danginri Creative Art Plant, a venue for 'pure and independent arts.' A power plant that once produced electricity with steam will soon become...


Gyeongchip (경칩, 驚蟄)
Mar 04, 2016
Gyeongchip (경칩, 驚蟄) is the Day of Awakening From Hibernation and falls on Saturday, March 5, this year. It marks the beginning of the third of 24 solar terms of the year. As all living things in the northern hemisphere begin to emerge from their winter slumber, the continental an...


Korean recipes: janggukbap rice in beef soup
Mar 04, 2016
Across Korean cuisine, there are many dishes that are cooked with rice in a soup or broth. Broadly, these dishes can be called tang ban (탕반, 湯飯) or janggukbap in Korean. Many people say because there are so many Korean dishes and table settings that involve bot...


Korean dramas to air during Myanmar New Year
Mar 04, 2016
Two hit dramas, 'A Thousand Day's Promise' and 'Cinderella's Sister,' will air on Myanmar's MRTV network during Thingyan, Myanmar's water festival, from April 11 to 19. This April, two Korean dramas will air on Myanmar's state television network during Thingyan, the a...


‘Culture & Creativity Academy’ to breed new talent
Mar 04, 2016
The “Culture and Creativity Academy,” a training facility aimed at cultivating young talent in the creative arts, has opened its doors in downtown Seoul on March 2. The government hopes the academy will play a pivotal role in the so-called “Culture and Creativity Fusion ...


Korea, France promote friendship with joint play
Mar 03, 2016
A theatrical drama will celebrate the 130th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Seoul and Paris. Artists from both countries will jointly turn author Kim Young-ha’s 2006 full-length novel “The Empire of Light,” a story that literally reveals t...


Korean webtoons entertain the world
Mar 03, 2016
College romances, historical battles at sea, students with superpowers, vampires, secret agents, the lives of convenience store workers: People enjoy all these and more. From the sweet to the satirical, the mundane to the fantastical, one in three Koreans reads webtoons, wh...


Things to see at the Ganghwado Island
Feb 29, 2016
Jeju Island is probably the first thing that comes to the mind of non-Koreans when they think about the many islands of Korea. However, there are many interesting islands besides Jeju. Among them is Ganghwado Island, the fifth biggest island in Korea. It's in the Yellow Sea,...


French Baroque music comes to Korea
Feb 29, 2016
To celebrate the "Years 2015-2016 of Korea-France Bilateral Exchange," music from the French Baroque period will fill the concert halls of Korea this March. French Baroque master Marc Minkowski will be leading Les Musiciens du Louvre (The Musicians of the Louvre), a Frenc...