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Monami Concept Store opens at Design Plaza
Mar 15, 2016
To most of us, the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) is a thing of beauty. Its fine architecture boasts of overflowing creative genius. However, there’s more to the DDP than meets the eye; that is, the many events happening all day, all week in its many halls and buildings. I, fo...


'Miss Granny' hits box offices across Asia
Mar 14, 2016
A Chinese remake (right) of the Korean film 'Miss Granny' opens in theaters in January 2015, becoming the biggest commercial hit ever for a Korea-China joint production. "Miss Granny," a Korean comedy about a woman in her 70s who magically regains her youth, is capturin...

Photo 12_Skirt The Rules_th2.jpg

How Korean Fashion Is Made
Mar 14, 2016
It is no secret that South Korea has become a beacon for new styles and trends in the international fashion community. From the runway, to the street, to events like the biannual Seoul Fashion Week, style is celebrated here with a passion. But have you ever wondered how Korean fa...


Korean recipes: Bindaetteok savory pancake
Mar 11, 2016
Bindaetteok is a savory pancake and a popular item on many menus. People enjoy the dish not only in the winter but also at banquets, such as weddings or hoegap 60th birthday parties. In the past, it was called “binja tteok," or a pancake for poor people, as binja (貧子) ...


Bach's 'St. Matthew Passion' returns to Korea
Mar 11, 2016
Over 800 years have passed since the founding of the St. Thomas Boys Choir in 1212. The choir was led by Johann Sebastian Bach as cantor for 27 years starting in 1723. Holy Week in the Christian year is the week leading up to Easter Sunday. It's a time for Christian...


Hanji exhibit opens in Seoul
Mar 10, 2016
In 'Meditation 91108' (1991), Chung Chang-Sup uses dak, or paper pulp, dyed in various colors to create a painting with depth and texture. "Unity between the thing and the self" (물아합일, 物我合一). This was the artistic philosophy that defined the work of the late Chu...


An introduction to samulnori at Hongbeopsa Temple in Bu...
Mar 10, 2016
Even though it was winter, it wasn't that cold so the whole event took place outside. Hello, everyone. Spring is in the air, but at the moment it's a foggy and rainy day here in Busan. It reminds me of another rainy day some weeks ago when I suddenly got a message throu...


"Bubbly" trendy hair color
Mar 10, 2016
Have you been interested in trying a hair color similar to that of your favorite Korean celebrity, but found that getting your hair done often by professionals is expensive or time consuming? Well, the popular DIY brand Bubble Hair Coloring just might be the solution for you. ...


Literary festival brings Seoul, Paris closer
Mar 10, 2016
Korean writers are set to appear at the 2016 Paris International Book Fair that will run from March 16 to 21, as Korea is the Guest of Honor country this year. The Paris book fair is marking the “Year of Korea-France Bilateral Exchanges” that is taking place in 2015 and ...


Korea, UK expand partnership in creative industries
Mar 09, 2016
Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Kim Jongdeok (second from left) and Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport John Whittingdale (third from left) discuss further partnerships in the creative industries between the two countries during the second Korea-U.K. Creative ...