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The First Full Moon and Spring's Jeongwol Daeboreum
Mar 05, 2015
Jeongwol daeboreum is a Korean tradition celebrated at the start of spring, the day of the first full moon of the lunar year.This year, jeongwol daeboreum is today, March 5! In Korea, people will wish everyone for good fortune and good health by cracking a peanut or walnut with t...


Readers in Havana get taste of Korean literature
Feb 26, 2015
A Korean Literature Night has been held in Havana, Cuba, a country known for its passion for books and literature. The event was held on February 13 on the sidelines of the 2015 International Book Fair of Havana. As part of the event, poet Moon Chung-hee and novelist Oh ...


Masks & the Mask Dance
Feb 26, 2015
This is the sixth part in our series, “Masks & the Mask Dance” published in partnership with the National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage The Lion Dance (Top) A lion comes out of the kitchen holding a bowl made from a gourd in its mouth; (bottom) A lion steps ...


Korean film via stamps -- 'TaeGukGi: Brotherhood Of War...
Feb 25, 2015
The film "TaeGukGi: Brotherhood Of War" is about two brothers who are swept away in a gruesome war and end up fighting on opposite sides. The film, set during the Korean War (1950-1953), was released on February 25, 2004. It was a landmark in the history of Korean cinema, setting...


Hanbok takes center stage in Hollywood
Feb 24, 2015
Last week, a Hanbok fashion show was held in Hollywood as part of a pre-opening event for The Oscars, one of the largest global cinema events. A wide variety of Hanbok styles and designs were shown at the Hanbok fashion show, a pre-opening event at the 87th Academy Awards.Th...


New collection compiles history of modern art sales
Feb 13, 2015
The recently published six-volume ‘Collection of the History of the Modern Art Market in Korea’ compiles records of the history of Korea’s modern art industry. A collection of records that trace the history of Korean modern art and the art market has recently been published. The ...


Enjoy Lunar New Year at museums, palaces
Feb 13, 2015
There will be many events held at national museums and ancient palaces across the country during the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday. Visitors can learn about the meaning of the holiday and enjoy a range of traditional pastimes. From February 18 to 22, performances, traditional g...


Traditional alcohol delights the eyes, taste buds
Feb 12, 2015
In the neighborhood of Insa-dong in downtown Seoul, a district that has constantly attracted tourists, both Korean and non-Korean, a special gallery has recently opened its doors. Welcoming its first visitors on February 11, the “Sool Gallery” is ready to introduce a variety of t...


Korean film via stamps -- 'Swiri'
Feb 11, 2015
The film "Swiri" (1998), a spy action movie, is set in Korea, one of the world's last divided countries. Only 10 days after its release, the film attracted 1 million viewers to theaters. The film also set a box office record of a total of 5.8 million tickets sold during its theat...


Korean film via stamps -- 'Seopyeonje'
Feb 11, 2015
The beautiful scenery of Korea across the four seasons and the country's traditional music are splendidly portrayed in the film "Seopyeonje." The film is a dramatization of the novel of the same name by Lee Chung-joon. The film was directed by celebrated director Im Kwon-taek. Wh...