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First Asian to conduct Russia’s National Philharmonic
Sep 29, 2014
Conductor Lee Young-chil will raise his baton in front of the National Philharmonic of Russia (NPR) on October 13, becoming the first Asian to conduct the Moscow-based orchestra. The NPR orchestra was launched by the Russian Ministry of Culture in 2003, and has positioned itself ...


The sweetest autumnal connection
Sep 25, 2014
Besides the gorgeous fall weather, the arrival of September 22 (15th day of August of the lunar calendar) in Korea also mean only one thing: chuseok, the “Korean Thanksgiving.” In a country where so much tradition has been lost, chuseok offers an intimate reacquaintance with the ...


Asian continent unites in Incheon
Sep 20, 2014
The opening ceremony of the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon on the evening of September 19 portrayed the Asian continent as it united under one roof. Characteristics of each country, including their national flowers, were introduced. Later in the ceremony, a ship emerged onto the sta...


Felice Singers say, 'trot is friendly, easy to communic...
Sep 19, 2014
A six-member chorus, Felice Singers, composed of professionally trained male opera singers recently released an album of trot music, causing a sensation across the musical scene here.The album contains two songs, "Snowflake Ice" and "Triple Time," which are sung in deep masc...


Some like it hot
Sep 18, 2014
Summer has arrived, and with it, thoughts of ice cream, ice-cold drinks and exulting under a spray of cool water. In Korea, however, locals embrace a more unorthodox approach: Food that makes you sweat away the hots. One American expat abandons her misgivings, heads off to a chic...


Sea adventurer Kim Seung-jin ready to enjoy 8 months of...
Sep 18, 2014
Life cannot be satisfactory with only three meals a day. We need something more important. It is such dreams that drive us to produce our requisite three daily meals. The way in which one follows their dreams is hard and challenging for everyone. Therefore, those who achieve ...


Pianist Han Su-jin picks up a hockey stick
Sep 04, 2014
The life story of hockey player Han Su-jinThere was a girl with delicate features and noted musical talents who dreamed to be a pianist. She entered the College of Music at Yonsei University after graduating from Yewon Middle School and the Seoul Arts High School, a typical path ...


Master fan maker Park In-gweon
Sep 03, 2014
Of the many souvenirs people acquire as tourists in Korea, a buchae, or traditional fan, is a very common one. Sold in nearly any shop in Insa-dong that boasts its selection of “traditional” gifts, the Korean buchae has perhaps become the country’s most prevalent traditional craf...


Understanding cultural differences
Sep 03, 2014
Watching your favorite Korean star in a popular TV soap opera or discovering a new K-Pop idol group may have made you think how great it would be to have the next best thing: having a Korean friend. In my case, I was simply looking for a friend that could teach me the fundamental...


Seoul, soccer and an undying passion
Sep 01, 2014
Last month, the people of Seoul once again turned their city into a sea of red as they rooted for their team at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. For one long term Seoul resident, that awoke memories of 2002 and a magical time that sealed his love for the country and its people...