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Firefighter artist lives in two different worlds
Jan 24, 2014
Last December, an artist became the first Korean winner of the grand prize at the Société des Artistes Indépendants, the Society of Independent Artists, held in the Grand Palais in Paris, France. The show was hosted by the Amitiés internationales André Malraux, a cultural associa...


Quietness of landscapes seen in Kenna photographs
Jan 23, 2014
A sense of quietness is clearly palpable in the work of Michael Kenna, a 61-year-old British-born photographer who has become famous in Korea for his portrayal of a grove of pine trees on an island in Samcheok, Gangwon-do (Gangwon Province). Thin rays of sunlight pierce through t...


Watch repairman Back Jun-duk keeps alive analog timepie...
Jan 22, 2014
“Time is money”—so the saying goes. Sometimes, though, it feels as if the two exist in an adversarial relationship and that money has just about defeated personal time. The same goes for timepieces. Where a clock was once a fabulously expensive and exclusive possession, a highly ...


Park Hye-yoon serves up music on Korean stage
Jan 20, 2014
“I’ve been performing all around the world, especially across Europe, but this time, I am so happy and thrilled to present my music to my fans here in Korea throughout the year.”Violinist Park Hye-yoon has put her overseas activities on the back burner for a while and is now gear...


Heo Kil-yang: 45 years of Buddhist statues
Jan 15, 2014
There is a woodworker who can transform blocks of wood into pieces of art using only his chisels. His name is master Heo Kil-yang and he has been carving Buddhist statues out of wood since 1969. Heo recently made public a new collection of 33 statues depicting bicheon, virtuous, ...


Hong Hae-ran gives New Year’s greeting with music
Jan 10, 2014
“I will soon meet my Korean fans to wish them a happy New Year’s with Johann Strauss’ ‘Voices of Spring’!” So said soprano Hong Hae-ran, who will soon visit her homeland for a joint concert with the Strauss Festival Orchestra Vienna at the Seoul Arts Center (SAC) on January 15. T...

Brock Radunske_Korea_Magazine_TH_02.JPG

Canadian-born hockey player dishes on diversity
Jan 08, 2014
The Korean national ice hockey team is not an institution associated with multiculturalism, but that’s where you can find Brock Radunske, the first foreign hockey player to become a Korean national. The Canadian-born Radunske came to Korea six seasons ago to join Anyang Halla, on...


Conductor Kim Bomi brings Vienna Boys Choir to Korea
Jan 02, 2014
The 520-year-old Vienna Boys Choir, one of the three imperial Austrian musical groups along with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and the Vienna State Opera, has maintained many traditions for a very long time. But starting over a year ago, it appointed its first ever female and...

Dye Artist_Korea_Magazine_th_02.JPG

Dye artist Kim Jeong-hwa keeps tradition alive
Jan 02, 2014
Few people in the world are as passionate about color as natural dye artist Kim Jeong-hwa. Almost her entire life has been dedicated to producing colors from organic substances such as roots, wood, bark, or berries. Today, she is one of a handful of traditional coloring experts l...


New Zealander captures Baekdu Daegan with his camera
Dec 26, 2013
According to the Korean dictionary, the Baekdu Daegan is a mountain range that runs for around 1,470km, across the entire Korean Peninsula, from Baekdusan Mountain in the north to Jirisan Mountain in the south. However, for Koreans, it has more than just a geographical meaning. T...