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Yoon Jin-sung: ‘Acting poses ceaseless questions about ...
Jul 23, 2014
For stage actress Yoon Jin-sung, nothing can be either better or easier than to act on stage for an audience. The first time the 43-year-old was under the lights was when she was in college. One of her friends talked her into joining the college theater group. At the time, Yoon w...


Impressed by Koreans' open attitude: Liesbet Ruben
Jul 22, 2014
Every year, the National Museum of Korea (NMK) invites a certain number of international curators and museum experts to visit Korea, in an attempt to experience diversity and to share information about their exhibitions. This year's first guest has been Liesbet Ruben from the...


Singin’ in the room noraebang nights
Jul 16, 2014
Ask a Korean the biggest cultural oddities facing a Westerner in his country, and you will likely hear a commentary on terrifyingly spicy food, unfailing reverence for the elderly or the perils of trying to master chopsticks. Ask a Westerner, however, and the list transforms. Wha...


Mahler Syndrome reenacted in Korea
Jul 08, 2014
Conductor Lim Hun-Joung challenges himself to a new interpretation of the Mahler Production. Gustav Mahler was perhaps one of the many entrapped in the Curse of Symphony No. 9. Indeed, there have been a number of composers who died after or in the midst of composing Symphony No...


Expanding his reach in music: guitarist Kim Se-hwang
Jul 03, 2014
Long, white fingers start to play the electric guitar. A sophisticated violin solo in the first movement of “Spring,” a part of Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” is reinterpreted in electric guitar. The charismatic guitar play creates a wonderful yet romantic melo...


Ssireum aficionado from US: Prof. Christopher Sparks
Jul 03, 2014
Some sports coverage on a TV at a noodle restaurant has changed the life of an American, completely.As an anthropologist, the American was in Korea in 2006, collecting data for his doctoral thesis on inmaek, personal connections. Just one day before he left for his home country, ...


Father of Dooly, comic artist Kim Soo-jung
Jul 02, 2014
Google Korea decorated its logo with some special guests on April 22 last year: A grown-up man with a little green dinosaur, an alien with a red nose and yellow hair, a baby ostrich and a toddler. Google Korea said, “We created a fun Google logo with Dooly, his enemy Kildong and ...


Nurturing your inner child can comfort you: Painter Kim...
Jun 27, 2014
 "Two aspects of Kim's personality can be seen in her work. One describes the self and the other is the role that the self performs. What Kim's work obviously shows us is not only the perception and exploration of the self, but the perception and exploration of the world thr...


Singaporean reader: Korea is a country with a lot of ch...
Jun 16, 2014
Singaporean reader Yew Mei Zhen becomes the fourth guest invited to explore an ordinary office worker's lunch with the team. (photo: Jeon Han)“The more I learn about Korea, the more I fall in love with this country.” Yew Mei Zhen started with that statement when she met...


Lee Chun-hee sings Minyo songs for 50 years
Jun 12, 2014
On May 15 in Germany, the center of the world's classical music scene, one of the most prestigious awards went to a singer of traditional Korean music. Lee Chun-hee, a master singer of Gyeonggi Minyo, a genre of traditional folk songs from Gyeonggi-do (Gyeonggi Province), won the...