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Finnish choreographer Tero Saarinen brings 'Votex' to K...
Apr 09, 2014
Dance is more than its mere moves for Finnish choreographer Tero Saarinen. Dance is his life and he sees unlimited possibility in dance. After all, Saarinen once said, "Dance is my attempt to understand human nature and its multiple manifestations."Saarinen choreographed the new ...


Life and love as seen through infographics: 'DOM & HYO'
Apr 09, 2014
There is an American man who is very satisfied with his life in Korea. He says that everything is perfect here, except for one thing: a certain chocolate bar that is only sold in his home country. We are talking about Dominic Dinkins, a man who has lived in Korea for nearly five ...


Kim Yuna, queen of figure skating, sings 'Let it Go' fr...
Apr 08, 2014
Kim Yuna, the beloved figure skating queen, has sung "Let It Go," the theme song from Disney's animated film "Frozen." Kim Yuna dances to her own version of "Let It Go" from the "Frozen" soundtrack. (captured image from the SamsungCEKorea YouTube channel)In a recently release...


Lunch with
Apr 07, 2014
One of our readers visited our offices at the National Museum of Korea on March 28. It was Christopher Rucinski, a 26-year-old man from the U.S. The visit came after Korea Clickers,'s official Facebook page, hosted a special event where we invited one of our r...


Children's book 'Dust Kid' wins in Bologna
Apr 02, 2014
A girl named Yujin wakes up one cold winter night and looks out the window. She goes to bed again, but then gets up and begins cleaning her room. Then she finds a small “dust kid” sitting on a matchbox under her bed. A picture from “Dust Kid,” a children's book by Joung Yumi...


American critic creates award for Korean indie films
Mar 26, 2014
Independent directors and actors often produce films just for the sake of making films, because they love films. These movies are often ignored and go unnoticed by the general public. An American film critic who has been writing about Korean films for over ten years has now creat...


Gugak star Song So-hee: ‘Gugak is my destiny’
Mar 19, 2014
“Gugak is my destiny.” Young singer Song So-hee confidently stated that she is meant to sing gugak, a genre of traditional Korean music. Gugak, which she first started singing at the request of her parents, has now become the all consuming element in the life of the 18-year-old s...


Korean-Australian pop diva thrills Down Under
Mar 14, 2014
Dami Im’s new single “Jolene” was released on March 11. (courtesy of Sony Music)Dami Im, the Korean-Australian winner of “The X Factor,” a talent show concert program on Australia’s Channel 7, is actively building her musical career with concert tours set for Australia and elsewh...


Curved architecture merges with landscape
Mar 13, 2014
An atypical structure with a seamless design and endless curves sits near Dongdaemun Gate. Its outer appearance makes this building look as if a giant alien spaceship has landed in the middle of Seoul. The construction of the Dongdaemun Design Plaza and Park (DDP) is nearly compl...


Volleyballer flies in Turkey
Mar 11, 2014
Turkey has a Korean player who is helping to turn one of its volleyball teams into a powerhouse.Kim Yeon-koung, affiliated with Fenerbahçe, has earned recognition on the international scene, leading her team to a series of wins. The 25-year-old volleyball player is noted for her ...