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Singaporean reader: Korea is a country with a lot of ch...
Jun 16, 2014
Singaporean reader Yew Mei Zhen becomes the fourth guest invited to explore an ordinary office worker's lunch with the team. (photo: Jeon Han)“The more I learn about Korea, the more I fall in love with this country.” Yew Mei Zhen started with that statement when she met...


Lee Chun-hee sings Minyo songs for 50 years
Jun 12, 2014
On May 15 in Germany, the center of the world's classical music scene, one of the most prestigious awards went to a singer of traditional Korean music. Lee Chun-hee, a master singer of Gyeonggi Minyo, a genre of traditional folk songs from Gyeonggi-do (Gyeonggi Province), won the...


Pianist Choi Hie-yon: 'Beethoven is unconquerable'
Jun 05, 2014
Among the many pianists of Korea, there is one who has been sticking with Beethoven for as many as 12 years. The pianist is Professor Choi Hie-yon at the College of Music of Seoul National University. Pianist Choi Hie-yon has been on a journey to pursue Beethoven's music for...


Philippine expat enjoys Korean tourism
May 28, 2014 regularly invites readers to our offices, offering them the chance to directly experience the daily routine of a Korean office. Our third guest has been Diana Lim from the Philippines, who works in Seoul as a creator of social media content. She is an avid rea...


Kim Heon-jun shows the world what b-boying is all about
May 27, 2014
“B-boying,” or break dancing, may have originated in New York City, but in the last decade or so, Korea has established itself as a b-boy powerhouse, steadily raking in awards and taking the top spots at international competitions. The government has caught on, and since 2007 has...


German singer falls in love with Korean songs
May 20, 2014
Many people, both past and present, have a special fondness for songs. There are countless records, both physical and oral, showing that people across the country have made songs and festivals part of their lives. Communities get together to enjoy food and drink, dancing and sing...


Three readers fly to Seoul to see 'real Korea'
Apr 28, 2014
On April 8, a letter arrived at the offices. It was from one of our readers, Cut Vitarie Hadiana, a 27-year-old Indonesian who stumbled upon an article at our homepage about Christopher Rucinski, another reader who visited our offices on March 28 to have lunch with the ...


Juno Hair: the beauty industry's leading salon
Apr 16, 2014
Beauty is one of the most pursued values of the human race, regardless of one's age or ethnicity. In modern times, there is an increased amount of hype around one's personal appearance. With wealth and urbanization, people's desire to look better has gotten more and more intense....


Charlie, Liz and Seoul's underground
Apr 14, 2014
A pair of Americans has discovered Seoul's subway system. Dongdaemun is their favorite station and they know the related history and the hidden attractions of subway stations across the metropolis. They are Charles Usher and Elizabeth Groeschen. The two recently published “Charli...


Everest, Poles, Korea and the world
Apr 10, 2014
There is a young man living in Seoul who climbed Mt. Everest at the age of 19 and who travelled from the North Pole to the South Pole when he was 21. His name is James Hooper, a 27-year-old university student from the U.K. When he was 16, Hooper read an article about the 50th ann...