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Seoul, soccer and an undying passion
Sep 01, 2014
Last month, the people of Seoul once again turned their city into a sea of red as they rooted for their team at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. For one long term Seoul resident, that awoke memories of 2002 and a magical time that sealed his love for the country and its people...


Thinking about pink, the color of the lotus flower
Sep 01, 2014
  When I started my blog about Korea, it was my intention to express my feelings and mood caused by facts, thoughts and memories related to Korea. For this reason I decided to spend some posts on different colors. What do certain colors mean to me in relation to Korea? So ...


'Yi Sun-sin is my teacher': admiral comes to life on co...
Aug 28, 2014
"People must understand that nothing is impossible. When you put your mind to something, you can achieve anything. Yi Sun-sin is a living testament to this belief."So said Onrie Kompan, a 31-year-old U.S. comic book creator living in Chicago. He made the four-volume comic book mi...


Master chocolatier Hong Kyoung-chun
Aug 28, 2014
Back in the late 15th century, Columbus' landing on a new continent had a huge effect on cuisine and dietary styles across the globe. One of the influences was chocolate. Its arrival in Korea is presumed to be around the end of the 19th century. As one story has it, Empress M...

Hwang Yi Seul 4_copy.jpg

The charms of Hanbok: young CEO modernizes traditional ...
Aug 26, 2014
A young lady in her early twenties had deft hands and a discerning eye. She could make whatever she wished out of paper with just a pair of scissors, without the help of patterns, without rulers or pencils. Her ability to make replicas of the costumes in comic books or on TV was ...


Director describes general as 'an icon of unity and har...
Aug 25, 2014
"The spirit is admiral Yi Sun-sin who sacrifices his life and devotes himself is something people around the world can emulate from." So said Kim Han-min, the director of "The Admiral: Roaring Currents," in a meeting with moviegoers held on August 21 to mark the passing of 16 mil...


Chosin's heroes and the stories of their lives
Aug 22, 2014
In the winter of 1950, at the height of the “forgotten war,” 15,000 United States soldiers and marines found themselves surrounded by an overwhelming force of communist Chinese soldiers in the frozen mountains of North Korea. After 60 years of silence, the men who survived are te...


Jarasum Jazz Festival director In Jae-jin
Aug 22, 2014
It’s not hard to see that In Jae-jin is passionate about jazz. You could say he’s married to it: his wife is an accomplished jazz singer. What really sets him apart, however—he once played the saxophone, but professes to not being blessed with talent—is his brainchild, the Jarasu...


Curiosity leads math development: 2014 Seoul ICM
Aug 14, 2014
The International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM), often dubbed the Olympics of mathematics, opened in Seoul on August 13, where eight prize winners were announced. Researcher Artur Avila of the French National Center for Scientific Research, Professor Manjul Bhargava of Princet...


Kinetic street cuisine
Aug 13, 2014
To tell the truth, street food in Korea is nothing new. On every corner and every street, you’ll find food stalls selling the new, the bizarre and the playful. All the food is designed to travel and you’ll often see high-heeled women walking with a hot dog on a stick or suited me...