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Gat, traditional headgear in Korea [3]
Feb 11, 2014
*This is the third part in our series, “Gat, traditional headgear in Korea.”Gannil—gat craftsmanship and variations The process of gat makingGat are horsehair hats that consist of two basic elements: the daewu or crown and the yangtae or brim. Although originally made of thinly s...


Korean fashion hits walkways in New York
Feb 11, 2014
A team of Korea fashion designers hopes to impress the U.S. fashion industry by presenting their fall and winter collections at the Concept Korea F/W 2014 event in New York on February 11. On the opening stage at The Salon at Lincoln Center, there will be an “Aspire to Inspire” p...


Korean cuisine praised by Swedish daily
Feb 10, 2014
“Food seems to bridge traditional and modern aspects of life in Korea, a country that has developed into the world’s 15th largest economy in just half a century, growing from being one of the poorest to one of the richest… There are hundreds of luxurious coffee shops lined up eve...


Cookbook makes Korean dishes easy
Feb 07, 2014
Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan said he loves yukgaejang, a style of spicy beef soup. Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow made a video clip of herself cooking bibimbap, a mixed-rice dish with vegetables and meat. First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama tweeted her own recipe for...


Korean literature in English #7
Feb 06, 2014
The Library of Korean Literature series is a collection of ten Korean novels published in English in the U.S. last year. (Photo courtesy of the Literature Translation Institute of Korea) The seventh volume in the ten-part Library of Korean Literature is the full-length novel “At ...


Gat, traditional headgear in Korea [2]
Feb 05, 2014
*This is the second part in our series, “Gat, traditional headgear in Korea.”The development of the gat over time: Changes in dress codes and hats In terms of headgear, the representative hat for Joseon-era men was the gat, whose socio-cultural context far surpasses the dictionar...


War Memorial of Korea: Donated memorabilia unites all
Feb 05, 2014
Memories of wars that took place in Korea from the 19th century, during the late Joseon period, through to the modern era are being contemplated and revived at the War Memorial of Korea in downtown Seoul, with a recently opened exhibition dedicated to the relics of war. The donat...


Modern, traditional Korea seen through ‘The Bachelor’
Feb 04, 2014
An episode of ABC’s popular reality show “The Bachelor” filmed in Korea was broadcast across the United States for two hours on the evening of January 28. The program featured both modern and traditional sides of Seoul, including the Myeong-dong neighborhood, Hongik Uni...


Korean tour guide app receives world recognition
Feb 04, 2014
A smartphone application for tourists travelling to Korea recently received an award from the United Nation's World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Dubbed the Smart Tour Guide, this app provides audio explanations of attractions, episodes in history and cultural aspects at selected...


President Park attends movie on first Culture Day
Feb 03, 2014
President Park Geun-hye watched the animated movie “The Nut Job,” jointly produced by Korea and Canada, on January 29, in honor of the country’s first Culture Day, which falls on the last Wednesday of every month. Among those present at the theater were Minister of Culture, Sport...