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‘Cold Eyes’ depicts hectic lives of Korean police
Jul 05, 2013
The crime action movie Cold Eyes which breathtakingly depicts the police pursuing a criminal organization premiered on July 3. On the same day, its press preview took place at a very special place, the National Police Agency. Dressed in a police uniform, Korean actress Han Hyo-jo...


Korean troupes go on tour to celebrate 50-year friendsh...
Jul 04, 2013
With this year marking the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Canada, Korea’s performing arts troupes have been on tour in four of Canada’s major cities -- Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver. During this tour which kicked off on June 28 at Bluma Appe...


Korean wave in Mexico hotter than tropical weather
Jul 03, 2013
Across the Pacific, the Korean wave has arrived in Mexico. On June 28, 4,000 fans came for a concert by Korean boy band U-KISS at the Jose Cuervo Salon in Mexico City, filling all the seats. They waved fluorescent sticks and Korean national flags and sang along with the boy band....


Enjoy Korean traditional shows on the floor
Jul 02, 2013
Korea’s acclaimed traditional artists are enriching Wednesday nights with their specialties including traditional Korean dance, folk songs, pansori, and traditional musical instruments such as the zither-like gayageum and fiddle-like haegeum.The National Gugak Center has been run...

Moon Jar-thumb2.jpg

Simple, pure beauty of moon jar presented in Britain
Jul 01, 2013
A potter, Bernard Leach (1887-1979) was one of the first British visitors to Korea, a country then known as the Hermit Kingdom. Leach was fascinated by the simple beauty of the moon jars, or dal-hang-a-ri. On his second visit to Korea in 1935, he collected a moon jar and brought ...


Geumgang Univ. and Harvard join forces for co-authored ...
Jul 01, 2013
Korea’s Geumgang University and Harvard University of the U.S. made a milestone move when they co-published an edited volume of the Harvard Oriental Series titled The Foundation for Yoga Practitioners: The Buddhist Yogācārabhūmi Treatise and Its Adaptation in India, East Asia, an...


Koreans go crazy for Gatsby
Jun 28, 2013
“Classic fever” is gripping Korea now. As the world’s best classic works are being turned into movies and musicals, there is one story with which many Koreans have fallen in love, the novel The Great Gatsby written by American novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald. Since the premiere of t...


Yeowoorak Festival brings together traditional elements...
Jun 27, 2013
A festival spotlighting traditional Korean music is coming soon. Under the title Yeowoorak, which is an abbreviation for the Korean sentence, “Yeogi Woori Eumagi itda” meaning “our music is here,” the gugak-themed festival brings together gugak, or traditional Korean percussion m...


Travelling around Korea at Korea Seoul Train
Jun 25, 2013
A Korea-themed cultural festival unfolded in Washington, D.C. earlier this month, offering locals a night of music, fun, and celebration of Korean culture. Some 900 Washington locals enjoyed the night to the fullest at the festival “Korea Seoul Train” that took place at Smithsoni...

Yuna_Les Miserable_th_02.jpg

‘Queen of figure skating’ sends a message of peace
Jun 25, 2013
Queen of figure skating Kim Yu-na met with the sensational musical Les Miserables on the ice, creating a moving and unforgettable “musical ice show.” Kim Yu-na, often called “fairy on the ice,” performs with invited international figure skaters to famous songs from the music...