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Baekje Kingdom resurrected after 1,400 years
Sep 25, 2014
A large number of artifacts from the late Baekje Kingdom (18 B.C.-A.D. 660), including steel armor, swords and arrowheads, were recently unearthed at the site of the Gongsanseong Fortress in Gongju, Chungcheongnam-do (South Chungcheong Province). It is here at this fortress that ...

Baekjae Onjo_115.jpg

Founding myths of ancient Korean nations in stamp serie...
Sep 25, 2014
Descendants of Goguryeo Once referred to as the, "Prosperous Nation of the East," or, "海東盛國," alongside Unified Silla, Balhae launched 230 years of existence with the North South States Period on the Korean Peninsula and across mainland Northeast Asia. Its founder, Dae Jo Yeong...


Korean crafts set to mesmerize London, Hangzhou
Sep 24, 2014
The beauty of traditional Korean crafts has caught the attention of the world once again. An exhibit held at the Triennale di Milano, a design museum in Milan, Italy, in April recently opened again at the Tent London design trade show, part of the London Design Festival. The same...


Pak Hyeokgeose: the founder of the Silla kingdom was re...
Sep 24, 2014
He became king when he was 12 years old. He was a compassionate and wise ruler who founded one of the strongest, wealthiest and most flamboyant kingdoms in the history of the Korean Peninsula. Pak Hyeokgeose (69 BCE–4 CE), known as King Hyeokgeose, founded the Silla Kingdom (57 B...


Performance festivals arrive one after another this aut...
Sep 22, 2014
This autumn's art scene is full to the brim with a variety of performance festivals. The D.FESTA, the Seoul Performing Arts Festival (SPAF), the Seoul International Dance Festival (SIDance) and the Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS) will all be held one after the other, runni...


Korea Maritime Silk Road Expedition begins journey
Sep 19, 2014
The Silk Road, the series of trade and cultural transmission routes that snaked its way across the Asian continent, played a critical role in linking East and West in ancient times. Along that route, not only trade items, such as silk and porcelain, were exchanged, but people car...

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Founding myths of ancient Korea on stamps - Part 1
Sep 19, 2014
One of the first stories Korean children come across in life usually include the great founding myths of the ancient Korean nations of Gojoseon, Buyeo, Goguryeo, Balhae, Silla and Baekje, who's people once roamed across lands covering much of Manchuria and the Korean Peninsula. ...


Intl. writers festival brings novelists, poets to Seoul
Sep 18, 2014
A group of international writers will gather in Seoul to share their literary world with booklovers and to communicate with their counterparts from around the globe. Under the theme of “Eros and Dream,” the 2014 Seoul International Writers’ Festival (SIWF) will bring together a t...


Asian cuisine attracts people to Incheon
Sep 17, 2014
A food festival is attracting everyone to Incheon, as the city is offering the rare opportunity for people to enjoy delicious cuisines from across Asia, all in one place. The Incheon Asian Games 2014 Organizing Committee will host the Asian Food Festival from September 19 to Octo...


'Tournament' opens new season at National Theater
Sep 17, 2014
The National Dance Company of Korea's modern dance extravaganza "Tournament" will be opening the National Repertory Season 2014-2015 at the National Theater of Korea. "Tournament" will be opening the season 2014-2015 at the National Theater of Korea. The season's ope...