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Psy makes history again with Gentleman
Apr 15, 2013
International K-pop star Psy makes history again with his follow-up “Gentleman,” with the chorus line of “Alangamola” and “I am a mother father gentleman.” “Gentleman,” Psy’s follow-up to the mega-hit “Gangnam Style,” received more than 50 million YouTube hits just three day...


A journey back in time at Seoul Folk Flea Market
Apr 12, 2013
Korea’s traditional markets are the best sites for experiencing Koreans’ unique “jeong,” a special feeling of fondness, warmth, bonding, and attachment. Such traditional markets across the nation have similar, but unique characteristics of their own. These are something more than...


Super Junior to begin South American tour
Apr 12, 2013
A poster for Super Junior’s two-day concert on March 23-24, 2013, in Seoul (courtesy of S.M. Entertainment).Super Junior, one of K-pop’s leading boy groups, will perform for the first time in South America on a tour starting on April 21.During the seven-day South American tour, S...


Arirang comes to life in Mungyeong
Apr 11, 2013
Arirang: Song of the Road and Sound of a Mountain Pass themed on the Korean folk song Arirang is now under way at Mungyeong Old Road Museum (photo courtesy of Mungyeong Old Road Museum).The hall at Mungyeong Old Road Museum is filled with the sounds of Arirang, a Korean folk song...


Traditional Korean craftworks hit Milan stage
Apr 11, 2013
The craft exhibition, titled Constancy and Change in Korean Traditional Craft 2013, is being staged at the Triennale di Milano in Italy from April 9 to 14 (photo courtesy of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism).An exhibition being held in Milan, Italy makes many Italians ...


Seokgatap restoration unveils 1,000 years of history
Apr 10, 2013
Amid the sutra chanting, burning scent of incense, and spring flowers of early April, a construction crane slowly lifted the second roof of Seokgatap, the famed three-storied stone pagoda of Bulguksa Temple. The disassembly of the pagoda is part of a three-year long restoration o...


Exhibition shows cultural harmony
Apr 09, 2013
Chinese-style furniture, European-style carpets laid on the floor, art nouveau doors and tiles, a beautiful silhouette of a woman wearing a kebaya long-sleeved jacket and sarong wrap skirt…These are classic elements of Peranakan culture which intrigue many people with their indef...


Korea’s fortresses reflect the past and Koreans’ respec...
Apr 08, 2013
Korea is a nation of fortresses, evidenced by the fact that fortresses account for the largest number of historic sites designated by the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea. While castles, town walls, and other defensive fortifications can be found around the world, topogr...


Festivals across the globe shared in Seoul
Apr 05, 2013
The room was richly ornamented with splendid costumes, colorful local craftworks, traditional musical instruments, and mouth-watering foods that are normally brought out on regional and religious events. It was an exhibition entitled “Festive Decorations around the World” organiz...


Tour program touches culture and history of Korea
Apr 05, 2013
A night view of Woljeonggyo. Now under restoration, Woljeonggyo used to be a bridge leading to the southern side of Wolseong Palace, the royal palace of the Silla monarchy in Gyeongju (photo: Yonhap News). Correspondents play a crucial role in sharing culture and other various as...