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Fashionista Choi Ji-woo in 'Temptation'
Aug 29, 2014
*This series of articles about celebrity fashion is published in partnership with K-Star Fashion. Click here for previous parts. The fashion style of actress Choi Ji-woo, currently starring in the soap opera "Temptation" as a smart, beautiful and rich female CEO, has recently ...


Gwangju brings together world musicians
Aug 29, 2014
Approximately 80 world music artists from nine countries, including the U.S., France, India, Norway, Congo, South Africa and Mozambique, are to touch down in Gwangju, the largest city in southwest Korea. They will come together for the 2014 Gwangju World Music Festival, an a...

Namhansanseong UNESCO 20140829-115 thumb.jpg

Namhansanseong celebrates UNESCO listing
Aug 29, 2014
A traditional rite to notify the ancestors has taken place at Namhansanseong, the mountain fortress south of Seoul, in honor of its registration on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Director of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre Kishore Rao brought the official certificate himself t...


Hwang Tong-gyu’s ‘Strong Winds at Mishi Pass’ in Englis...
Aug 27, 2014
Oh wind! Without a wrinkle to grasp on the surface of the earth,Without a single tree or bush or grass on which to clingWithout a phrase of the sacred Book with which to live,I swayed on Mishi PassThe whole landscape swayed in the wind,As if it were wind itself,Mt. Sorak swayed,M...


Communion between East and West, old and new
Aug 26, 2014
A moon jar from the late Joseon Dynasty and "Dark Side of the Moon" by Yee Sookyung create an odd harmony. "Dark Side of the Moon" is made of fragments of black ceramic and pottery produced in Hoeryeong, Hamgyeongbuk-do (North Hamgyeong Province). It contrasts with the white moon...


Migrants in the sky: an exhibition for migratory birds ...
Aug 26, 2014
Across the borderless sky paths, flocks of migratory birds fly free. At a certain point of time every year, migratory birds fly into Korea from across the world -- from China, Russia, Japan, Southeast Asia and from the faraway lands of Australia and New Zealand. Recently, t...


K-classic to set foot in Europe
Aug 26, 2014
In the evening on August 31, Brahms’ “Symphony No. 4 in e minor Op. 98” will ring out across Smetana Hall, a celebrated concert hall in Prague, the Czech Republic. The masterpiece will be created this time by one of the most lauded Korean orchestras, the Bucheon Philharmonic Orch...


Masks & the Mask Dance
Aug 26, 2014
*This is the second part in our series, “Masks & the Mask Dance” published in partnership with the National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage Different kinds of masks and their characteristics Masks of all kinds can be found in every part of the world, but Korean...


Korea Expo showcases cultural elements in Brazil
Aug 25, 2014
Elements of Korean culture captured the heart of Brazil and other parts of Latin America, which are located at the opposite end of the earth. The 2014 Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo, held at the World Trade Center in São Paulo, Brazil, between August 13 and 15, introduced s...


Admiral Yi Sun-sin fever sweeps North America
Aug 25, 2014
The smash hit “The Admiral: Roaring Currents,” a movie that has been watched by more than 15 million people in less than one month since its opening on July 30, has struck a chord with moviegoers across North America. The official English-language poster of the film “The Adm...