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Jeonju film festival gathers indie flicks from across t...
Apr 29, 2015
It's only one more day until the opening of the 16th Jeonju International Film Festival, a feast for independent films from across the globe. Running from April 30 through to May 9, the festival is scheduled to showcase some 200 films, both full-length films and shorts, invited t...


Craftworks steal the show in Milan
Apr 28, 2015
Korean handicrafts shinned at Milan's recently finished Design Week. Milanese, known for their refined sense of fashion and the arts, flocked to a special exhibit that highlighted a range of handcrafted works of art. The “Constancy and Change (법고창신, 法古創新) in Kor...


Korean food truck stops in Milan
Apr 27, 2015
Korean food has caught attention in Milan, Italy as a food truck has rolled into the city to offer Korean delicacies. A food truck serves Korean cuisine at the Piazza Cadorna. Arriving on April 24, the food truck has been serving various Korean foods and des...


Books for all unfolds in Incheon
Apr 24, 2015
Incheon has been designated as the 2015 World Book Capital by UNESCO, bringing with it many exciting events for book lovers. The Korean port city will host a variety of book-related events for the next year until April 22, 2016, under the vision “Books for All” and the ...


Taekwondo ties together Korea, US
Apr 24, 2015
A special taekwondo event welcomed members of the U.S. Forces stationed in Korea (USFK) for a two-day camp on April 21 and 22. The taekwondo camp has been offered by the Ministry of National Defense Friends Forever program since 1972 with the goal of promoting friendship ...


In Praise of Old Houses
Apr 22, 2015
Amid all the marvelous technology we enjoy today, we still miss old houses, with their underfloor heating, time-stained wooden flooring in the living room, latticed doors and tiled roofs. OLD HOUSES AND NATURE “The home fought on, bravely. At first, it creaked and moaned...


Korean cuisine shows up in Milan
Apr 22, 2015
The official countdown has begun to the World Exposition Milano 2015, with less than ten days to go until the opening. It will be an opportunity for people from around the world to share their wisdom about the future of food resources. The Korean Pavilion, under the banner, "Hans...


Encounter the humanities at public libraries
Apr 22, 2015
A Sunday afternoon along Yunjungno in Yeouido, Seoul, on April 12. Poet Shin Dal-ja speaks with humor about how she became committed to literature for life. Springtime picnickers grab a seat to listen to her story. A male duo, Travel Sketch, performs their songs to the amu...

115 Indonesia Korean street food festival 01.jpg

Fans throng Korean Street Food Festival 2015 in Indones...
Apr 22, 2015
Many Korean events have been held in Indonesia. But this is the first time Korean Street Food Festival 2015 opened in Jakarta. Following the name of the event, it presented meals which are often sold by the street vendors in Korea, or in Indonesian it’s called "jajanan" or "snack...

115 d_korean_punk_skunk_hell_spikybrat.jpg

Korean Punk 2004-2009: The Skunk Dynasty
Apr 22, 2015
Shortly after the term “punk” was coined to represent this chaotic new musical movement in the late ‘70s, people started asking, “Is punk dead?” And the question has been asked ever since, in music scenes around the world. Punk in Korea has had two previous golden ages, where th...