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Korean musicians to rock London in June
May 07, 2013
A festival to introduce both traditional and modern Korean music will be held in London from June 14 to 21. The upcoming London Festival of Korean Music, also known as K-Music Festival 2013, will offer a rare opportunity for British people to see Korean musicians in various genre...


Korea shares cultural heritage conservation knowledge w...
May 06, 2013
A group of experts from five Asian countries have been training in Korea to gain knowledge in cultural heritage preservation in their related studies -- art, architecture, and conservation. Now five cultural heritage specialists from Afghanistan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, a...


Saturday events draw audiences onto the stage
May 03, 2013
“Stepping onto the stage and being part of it” is not something the common audience would think of when they watch performances. Most of them just watch what is being shown in front of their eyes. Until now. Traditional performances staged at Yeonhui Madang, an outdoor theat...


'Korea thrives on new ideas'
May 03, 2013
Korea, a country dubbed one of the four Asian dragons along with Hong Kong, has now become a “World Dragon,” according to Hong Kong’s daily newspaper Ming Pao. The March 31 edition of Ming Pao’s feature story looked deep into development strategies and the current status of Korea...


Arirang, a song of Korean identity and soul
Apr 30, 2013
A 75-year-old second-generation ethnic Korean living Japan, Kim Il-nam said the moment he heard the traditional folk song Arirang for the first time while attending Waseda University in Japan, he realized that he was Korean. Then, Kim started using his ethnic name and studied the...


Korean musical theater attracts large crowds in Japan
Apr 29, 2013
Endless laughter and applause filled the room as Korean actors sang and danced at a theater in the trendy district of Roppongi in Tokyo on the evening of April 25. It was the opening day of Amuse Musical Theatre, a venue dedicated to Korean musicals. With all 900 seats filled, Ko...


Munich Orchestra’s third visit to Korea after 6 years
Apr 26, 2013
The spotlight was centered on the stage and an elderly man with gray hair appeared. Soon the striking harmony of the orchestra filled the concert hall under his baton. At the last stroke of his baton, cheers and standing ovations poured in from the audience who had held back thei...


A walk through palaces with music
Apr 25, 2013
Amid the warm spring weather, live traditional music performed at historical sites will definitely be an attraction for those who want to feel something traditional and unique to Korea. The opportunity to indulge in traditional Korean music at the major palaces of Seoul will be a...


Steidl’s Paper passion highlighted in Seoul
Apr 24, 2013
An exhibition highlighting world-famous German publisher Gerhard Steidl is being held in Daelim Museum for a six-month run. Titled “How to make a book with Steidl,” the exhibit takes visitors from cover to cover in Steidl’s book-making art by displaying every detailed step in the...


Korean bands tour North America
Apr 17, 2013
Korea’s music scene has been making waves around the world, and it’s not just the K-pop groups that are getting noticed. Last month, eleven Korean bands flew to Austin, Texas in the U.S. to attend South by Southwest (SXSW), a set of annual film, interactive, and music festivals...