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Live recording of young Korean pianist to be released
Oct 27, 2015
Chopin as played by Seong-Jin Cho, this year's winner of the International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition, will soon be available for listening in your home or car. On Nov. 6, Deutsche Grammophon, the renowned classical music label, will release a live recording of the young p...

151026_Korean Food Foundation_th02.jpg

Korean food wins praise in Frankfurt
Oct 26, 2015
The age of Korean food is coming, following in the footsteps of the popularity of Korean pop music and Korean soap operas. Korean foods such as kimchi, bibimbap mixed rice and chicken ginseng soup, or “samgyetang”, are all known as being healthy foods. Reflecting such growth, ...


Young Korean wins Chopin piano competition
Oct 23, 2015
His ten fingers danced freely across the keyboard. He played the piano with all his might and finished by hitting the notes quite strongly. He smiled as the orchestra accompanied him. His playing was perfect. Pianist Seong-Jin Cho is the first Korean winner of the Interna...


President boosts everyday Hanbok
Oct 22, 2015
A model holds up the full skirt with both hands. Her feet can be seen underneath, stepping softly and lightly. From her carefully coifed hair to her steps, everything about the model is elegant. The magic of traditional Hanbok attire and fashion can be seen firsthand on the runwa...


Dynamics of Korean dance in Mexico
Oct 21, 2015
Korean dance has made its debut on the stage at the Festival International Cervantino in Guanajuato, Mexico. The Choe Contemporary Dance Company, the Bereishit Dance Company and Art Project Bora have all attended the yearly festival there and have shown off the dynamics of modern...

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Stamp design contest goes global
Oct 21, 2015
As the saying goes, "Stamps are witnesses to the history of mankind." Postage stamps from every era have an old fashioned feel to them, and show the life, culture and overall situation of the time period in question. Although few people send actual stamped letters or postcar...


Shakespearean tragedy through pansori
Oct 20, 2015
The Pansori Hamlet Project brings to life Hamlet’s tragedy using traditional pansori narrative singing. The words, “I am the Prince of Denmark, Hamlet” ring out across the stage at the Seoul Arts Center in southern Seoul. Four singers bring to life the inner conflict ...


Day-to-day design lives on in Gwangju
Oct 20, 2015
People keen on design are gathering in Gwangju. The 2015 Gwangju Design Biennale began on Oct. 15 and its theme this year is "Design With Conviviality." It delves deeper into design as part of our day-to-day lives through exhibitions on a variety of themes. The 20...


Korea, Vietnam joint photo exhibition connects through ...
Oct 20, 2015
The Korean Cultural Center in Vietnam (KCCV) opened a joint photo exhibition on Oct. 15. The topic was landscapes and cultures as seen by both Koreans and Vietnamese. There were 42 works made together by Lee Sang-bok, a Korean photographer, and Vu Bach Lien Kim, a Vietnamese arti...


Around the world over two days in Itaewon
Oct 19, 2015
The 2015 Itaewon Global Village Festival was held on Oct. 17 and 18 over the course of a beautiful autumn weekend. It offered residents of the capital an opportunity to enjoy the world's different cuisines and cultures, all in one of Seoul's most multicultural neighborhoods. ...