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Secretly Greatly soars over Korean box office
Jun 20, 2013
The Korean movie Secretly Greatly has swept the box office in recent weeks, setting numerous records including largest opening-weekend audience, highest number of viewers in a single day, and the shortest amount of time to a million viewers. According to the Korean Film Council (...


K-Music Festival delights London with 'Seoul Sensation'
Jun 19, 2013
An article in leading UK business daily Financial Times spotlighted Korean musicians participating in the ongoing K-Music Festival 2013 currently being held by the Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK) in London. A captured image of a Financial Times article focusing o...


Korean music festival attracts Londoners
Jun 19, 2013
From pansori to classical and rock and roll music, Korean musicians will meet the British public at the London Festival of Korean Music from June 14 to 21. Also known as K-Music Festival 2013, the festival was designed to mark the 130th anniversary of the Korea-U.K. diplomatic re...

Nanjung Ilgi_th_02.jpg

War diary and archives of Saemaul Movement inscribed on...
Jun 19, 2013
Two historic Korean documents have recently been recognized by UNESCO. The UN agency added a war diary (Nanjung Ilgi) kept by Admiral Yi Sun-shin (1545-1598) and the archives of the Saemaul Undong (New Community Movement), to its UNESCO Memory of the World International Register....


Rising pianist using Beethoven to climb to the top
Jun 18, 2013
Kim Sunwook is on an arduous climb to the peak of the classical music scene. The wunderkind pianist on June 20 will perform the sixth of a planned eight concerts over two years in a journey to play all Beethoven sonatas. His first concert was in March 2012. In 2006, Kim won the t...


Russian piano maestro reflects on 1st recital in Korea
Jun 17, 2013
Russian pianist Danil Trifonov has hit the Korean stage for the first time at the Seoul Arts Center (SAC). Ahead of his first recital in Korea June 11, Russian pianist Danil Trifonov rehearses at the Seoul Arts Center.Having held his first recitals in the country June 11-12, ...


Goryeo celadons awakened from 800-year slumber
Jun 13, 2013
Back in 2010, two pieces of Korean celadon, a maebyeong inlaid and a maebyeong incised, were discovered in good condition on the island of Mado in Taean County, Chungcheongnam-do (South Chungcheong Province). Discovered on a sunken vessel from the Goryeo Dynasty (918~1392), the t...


Photographer shows Korea past and present in new work
Jun 13, 2013
American travel photographer Mark Edward Harris has published a collection of photographs titled “South Korea” featuring an array of images from the country’s past and present. In his book, Harris, 51, sought to discover through his camera viewfinder how Korea has developed into ...


Vienna gets dose of ‘Korea Style’ via fashion & art
Jun 12, 2013
Vienna, the Austrian capital known for its vibrant artistic culture, on June 10 hosted a fashion show and cultural performances at the Weltmuseum in the event “Korea Style in der Welt,” or “Korea Style in the World.” Hosted by the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs to mark the 50...


Seoul fans brave rain to see Brad Pitt
Jun 12, 2013
Hollywood star Brad Pitt on June 11 visited Seoul to meet his fans in Korea and plug his latest movie “World War Z.” The American actor received a heartfelt welcome from fans in a red carpet event to promote the film at Cheonggyecheon Plaza, a landmark in central Seoul. Brad...