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Korea Post releases special stamps for papal visit
Aug 05, 2014
On the occasion of Pope Francis' visit to Korea starting August 14, Korea Post will release its "Pope Francis’ Visit to Korea Commemorative Stamps" this Friday, August 8. Pope Francis’ Visit to Korea Commemorative Stamps (image courtesy of the Korea Post)   Two denomin...


Robot baseball fans make headlines worldwide
Aug 04, 2014
Baseball -- possibly Korea's biggest sport -- is in the news for new reasons. Over the past few years, stadiums have seen a sharp rise in the number of spectators, partly due to fans' hyper-enthusiasm, the cheerleaders' singing and dancing for every individual player and the f...


Art museum blows away summer heat
Aug 04, 2014
A museum in the heart of Seoul is now competing against the sizzling summer heat with a special program that will run throughout the month of August. The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, or MMCA Seoul, has been cooling off museum-goers with its special summe...


Pope Francis: a photo exhibition at
Aug 01, 2014
Pope Francis Korean Catholic church (2000)Jorge Bergoglio led a ministry in 1992 when he was coadjutor archbishop of Flores, a neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Flores is one of the regions populated by Korean immigrants to Argentina about 50 years ago. This church was where Arch...


Gugak album exemplifies traditional Korean sound
Aug 01, 2014
A gugak album that embraces the essence of traditional Korean sound was released on August 1. The National Gugak Center released “Textures of Korean Traditional Music: Flowing, Deepening and Widening” in the hopes of exposing people, both at home and abroad, to traditional Korean...

Yongcheon Cave Hallasan_copy.jpg

Love locks at N Seoul Tower, street food in Hongdae - R...
Aug 01, 2014
"Going for a bike ride on a bright sunny day at the Hangang Park then going to Namsan Mountain. Also, shopping a bit and going to a cafe along Garosu-gil. Strolling along Haeundae Beach and enjoying the seafood fiesta at the Jagalchi Fish Market. Staying for three nights in the b...


Special exhibitions on Nam June Paik’s Mr. Orwell show
Jul 31, 2014
On January 1, 1984, the world tuned in to watch “Good Morning, Mr. Orwell,” the first-ever live satellite TV simulcast variety show, a one-hour work of video art created by Nam June Paik (1932-2006). To mark the 30th anniversary of the masterpiece, special exhibitions will be hel...

Tales from Korea_2013_04-thumb2.jpg

Pinocchio vs. the magic folding fan
Jul 31, 2014
We all know how the story of good old Pinocchio goes—whenever the beloved wooden puppet would tell lies, his nose would grow. His adventures depict the wonderful world of children’s imaginations and gives them a lesson in being honest. While the classic children’s story is univer...


Korean poems in English: ‘Enough to Say It’s Far’
Jul 30, 2014
Han Something like the persimmon tree?Ripening in the sad evening glow,The tree where the fruits of my heart’s loveRipen.With room to spread in the next world only,Still it looms behind the one I was thinking of,Falling down from above her head.It may yet become the fruit Of her ...


International theater festival kicks off in Geochang
Jul 29, 2014
The Keochang International Festival of Theatre opened on July 25 in Geochang, Gyeongsangnam-do (South Gyeongsang Province). This is an outdoor theater festival where people can cool off in the summer heat while enjoying a play on an outdoor stage. The 17-day festival will be held...