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115 Indonesia Korean street food festival 01.jpg

Fans throng Korean Street Food Festival 2015 in Indones...
Apr 22, 2015
Many Korean events have been held in Indonesia. But this is the first time Korean Street Food Festival 2015 opened in Jakarta. Following the name of the event, it presented meals which are often sold by the street vendors in Korea, or in Indonesian it’s called "jajanan" or "snack...

115 d_korean_punk_skunk_hell_spikybrat.jpg

Korean Punk 2004-2009: The Skunk Dynasty
Apr 22, 2015
Shortly after the term “punk” was coined to represent this chaotic new musical movement in the late ‘70s, people started asking, “Is punk dead?” And the question has been asked ever since, in music scenes around the world. Punk in Korea has had two previous golden ages, where th...


Enjoy mid-spring in the evening at royal palaces
Apr 15, 2015
Spring flowers and festivals are enjoyed by everyone, especially in May. There is a must-see spring event coming up next month: nighttime viewings of Gyeongbokgung and Changgyeonggung palaces, in central Seoul. The Cultural Heritage Administration will open the ...


Korea-Uzbekistan relationship bears fruit with restored...
Apr 09, 2015
On April 1 in Samarkand, a historic city in Uzbekistan, there was a celebration in honor of the restoration of an ancient mural from the Afrasiab Palace, held at the Afrasiab Museum. The celebration was held to mark the first significant results made through cooperation betwe...


Korean cuisine to be showcased in Milan
Apr 08, 2015
The World Exposition Milano 2015 is just around the corner, with only some 20 odd days remaining until opening day. The expo will start on May 1 and run for about six months until the end of October with the theme of, "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life." Participants from acros...


Masks & the Mask Dance
Apr 07, 2015
This is the eighth part in our series, “Masks & the Mask Dance” published in partnership with the National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage Kkun: The artisans who embrace masks and mask dances as part of their lives. The making of Korean masks Depending on t...


K-pop madness sweeps Vietnam
Apr 03, 2015
K-pop fever is spreading across the Vietnamese capital. The 2015 K-pop Lovers Festival, in which fans celebrate Korean pop and hip hop, was held over four days from March 19 to March 22. The festival took place in Nguyễn Du at the Royal City Theater in central Hanoi. The culm...

115 Yangpyeong Sansuyu Village 01.jpg

Yangpyeong: Sansuyu Village
Apr 03, 2015
Come early spring, everyone in Korea is waiting for the cherry blossoms to bloom. But in one village in Yangpyeong, the “sansuyu” or cornellian cherry is the star of the spring season. Sansuyu ~ up close Yangpyeong is a county in Gyeonggi province and it is just an hour away fr...

115 hansik photo gallery yeongyangbap.jpg

Photos of Korean cuisine now available online
Apr 03, 2015
Some of the first images that come to mind when thinking of Hansik, Korean cuisine, are bulgogi, roasted ribs and bibimbap. Korean culinary history has adapted to the many different climates found on the Korean Peninsula. Food from the southern regions, which are comparatively wa...


Enjoy the artistic taste of Joseon scholars in Haman
Apr 02, 2015
The Agyangru in Haman County offers clear views of the Namgang River and of the side paths adjacent to the dike. Agyangru, Mujnjeong, Waryongjeong, Hapgangjeong and Gwangsimjeong. These are the pavilions you can see across Haman-gun County. Surrounded by the Namgang River...