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A geek's all-inclusive observations on Korea
Oct 02, 2014
  The cover of 'A Geek in Korea - Discovering Asia's New Kingdom of Cool' (image courtesy of Tuttle Publishing) Daniel Tudor, the author of “Korea: The Impossible Country," has come back to the world of publishing with a new book entitled "A Geek in Korea -- Discoverin...


Prince Hodong and Princess Nakrang: A tragic love in a ...
Oct 01, 2014
Prince Hodong was the handsome and intelligent first son of King Daemusin from the Goguryeo Kingdom (37 BCE–668 CE), one of the ancient Three Kingdoms of Korea located in the northern and central parts of the Korean Peninsula. The 20-year old Hodong was very popular among his peo...


'My Love From the Star' arrives on US shores
Oct 01, 2014
A popular Korean soap opera, 'My Love From the Star,' has gone global as a U.S. version of the show is being prepared for the air. Sony Pictures Television recently received a test order from ABC television, and it is rumored that Sarah Fain and Elizabeth Craft, the screenwri...


Non-Koreans take center stage on entertainment TV shows
Oct 01, 2014
A group of young non-Korean men from 11 countries have shown up on a Korean TV show. They debate a wide range of current affairs, such as the younger generation immersing itself in only creating new entries on the resume, the fact that people care about family and relatives when ...


K-pop festival to enliven autumn nights
Sep 30, 2014
Incheon's upcoming K Festival, featuring a wide range of pop stars from Korea and abroad, is just around the corner. Some 21 solo performers and groups, including B.A.P, Jewelry, Block B, Day Break, Beast, 4Minute, G.NA, 10CM, Jung Joonil and the Sultan of The Disco will appear o...


‘Romeo & Juliet’ opera to be staged in Seoul
Sep 30, 2014
The tragic love story by William Shakespeare, “Romeo and Juliet,” will be staged with operatic arias this fall in Seoul. The Korea National Opera will perform an operatic version of the masterpiece at the Seoul Arts Center from October 2 to 5, to tunes composed by Charles Gounod ...


Autumn nights at Jarasum Int'l Jazz Festival
Sep 30, 2014
Visitors to the 11th Jarasum International Jazz Festival will be able to enjoy performances by some of the world's best jazz, Latin and rock 'n' roll musicians. The festival this year will run from October 3 to 5 and features 51 groups or solo artists from 30 nations, including t...


Greedy collaborationist brought to life on stage
Sep 29, 2014
If you had the chance to see a certain play staged at the National Theater of Korea on September 12, it felt like being back on the streets of Seoul in the 1930s and 1940s. The story of “Lord Lee Joongsaeng, Alive,” a novel penned by Oh Young-jin (1916-1674), was relived&nbs...


Gov't policies created 'Korean Wave': HK media
Sep 26, 2014
"My Love From the Star" is a wildly successful soap opera produced by SBS which ended its first season in February 2014. Especially in the mainland Chinese market, the TV show has had a great impact on a wide variety of commercial markets, including fashion items worn by the main...


Baekje Kingdom resurrected after 1,400 years
Sep 25, 2014
A large number of artifacts from the late Baekje Kingdom (18 B.C.-A.D. 660), including steel armor, swords and arrowheads, were recently unearthed at the site of the Gongsanseong Fortress in Gongju, Chungcheongnam-do (South Chungcheong Province). It is here at this fortress that ...