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Music brings Korea, Japan together
Jun 17, 2015
Music will help to bring harmony to the Korea-Japan relationship. Ensembles from the two Asian nations will put on a joint-show titled “Harmony in Music” at the Seoul Arts Center in southern Seoul on June 22. The show is part of events to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ...


Online comics goes global
Jun 15, 2015
Online comic books, called "webtoons" in Korean, have been around for at least a decade. People of all ages and sexes use their hand-held gadgets to watch and read digital comic strips while commuting or during their spare time. Experts agree that the key behind the instant popul...


Desserts capture hearts of expo-goers in Milan
Jun 12, 2015
World Exposition Milano 2015 is currently well under way, with the participation of some 145 countries from around the world. Traditional food offered at each national pavilion at the expo is one of the highlights of the world fair that can't be missed. Designed around the theme ...


Joseon-era court music, dance to hit the stage in Paris
Jun 12, 2015
Jongmyojeryeak is royal court music written especially for rites held at the Jongmyo Shrine in Seoul where the royal family and other retainers worshiped the kings of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). This ancient form of traditional royal music will come alive again in Paris, Fran...


‘Giselle’ takes on a whole new look
Jun 10, 2015
Universal Ballet will bring to the stage the globally-beloved character of Giselle on June 13. The Giselle to be spotlighted in this new choreography, however, will take on a whole different look from its original form. The transition has been done by choreographer Graeme ...


Gwangju museum offers glimpse into Asian Buddhism
Jun 10, 2015
In the sixth century B.C., a new religion emerged in India amidst a caste-conscious polity with a strict hierarchical social system. This new religion emphasized equality for all, a very different approach from previous religions. Buddha, the founder of the new religion, taught p...


Make royal cuisine in your home
Jun 09, 2015
Recipes for over 70 royal court dishes featured in the popular soap opera "Jewel in the Palace" are now available in an English cookbook. The cookbook, "Jewels of the Palace," contains simple culinary instructions explained by Han Bok-ryeo, president of the Institute of Ko...


Traveling in Joseon times, hands-on
Jun 09, 2015
The Children's Museum at the National Museum of Korea holds a special exhibit 'Seonbi Goes to Geumgangsan Mountain.' In the exhibit, children can draw on an interactive screen with a mountain-themed Joseon painting. How did people travel in the past? Parents may get suc...


Enjoy June with classical music
Jun 08, 2015
A series of classical music concerts will enrich the new month of June. The Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra has readied a set of shows that will run throughout the month. The opener, “Svetlin’s Spain Symphony,” will take place at the Seoul Arts Center on June 10. L...


How to become fluent in Korean?
Jun 08, 2015
I’ve been learning Korean for the better part of the past 7 years, and in 2014, I became the Grand Prize Winner of the first KBS World Korean Speaking Contest. The contest saw applicants from 44 countries around the world showcase their Korean skills through three rounds of elimi...