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Jeonju film festival just around the corner
Mar 29, 2013
Alternative movies fan are looking forward to the 14th Jeonju International Film Festival, as the global fair is just around the corner. The organizer of Korea’s leading independent film festival for art house and indie films just announced on March 26 the list of 190 movies that...


F/W Seoul Fashion Week offers sketch of K-fashion futur...
Mar 28, 2013
The striking combination of black and white, the sensuality of see-through fabrics, and the artistic mix of black and blue denim dominated the runaway on the third day of the Fall/Winter Seoul Fashion Week. Camera flashes were ubiquitous, with the eyes of fashionistas from all ar...


Korean dramas find more fan bases in Latin America
Mar 26, 2013
A comedic South Korean soap opera about a struggling wife and her jobless husband has found a huge fan base in the most unlikely of places, Cuba. The tropical country, famous for its jazz and cigars, has no diplomatic relations with South Korea, but Cubans have nevertheless falle...


Daehangno, a hub of culture and youth
Mar 26, 2013
At Daehangno, as-yet-undiscovered young talents are often spotted dancing, singing, and performing. Daehangno is the street stretching from the crossroad of Jongno District to Hyehwa-dong Rotary. It is also known as a street of culture and youth, where lots of up-and-coming, tale...


Kimchi welcomed in Mediterranean
Mar 21, 2013
The popularity of Korea’s staple food kimchi has expanded beyond Asia, and is currently receiving media attention in Europe. The interest in the famously healthy food sparked off in neighboring countries in Asia, a while ago, which became the first foreign nations to recognize th...


A taste of Korean culture through Monthly Cultural Prog...
Mar 20, 2013
Native English teachers working in Korea were invited to see non-verbal performance The Tal, which features a mix of taekwondo, traditional Korean dance, percussion, and b-boying. Native English teachers working in Korea were invited as part of the Monthly Cultural Program h...


Sungnyemun affirms importance of cultural assets
Mar 18, 2013
The restoration of Sungnyemun, the south gate of central Seoul, has been under way for five years to restore its original appearance (photo: Jeon Han).Sungnyemun is returning in all its original glory. The historic southern gateway of the capital city during the Joseon Dynasty (1...


A glance at Korea in Washington
Mar 14, 2013
Kimchi has arrived at the White House. Earlier this year, First Lady Michelle Obama released a simple recipe on her Twitter account for kimchi made with spices and Napa cabbage grown in her kitchen garden. A large number of followers expressed curiosity over the national delicacy...


Gugak program to welcome spring
Mar 13, 2013
The National Gugak Center welcomes spring with a series of gugak performances by its four performance groups. The four groups -- the Folk Music Group, the Court Music Orchestra, the Contemporary Orchestra, and the Dance Theater -- are to take turns staging their outstanding tradi...


Korea-made films come to Hollywood
Mar 13, 2013
Just as Korean music finally broke through last year with PSY’s “Gangnam Style,” this might be the year that Korean directors take over Hollywood, according to the Washington Post. The Washington Post reports on the bright prospects of Korean-directed films in their February ...