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Seoul Arts Center concerts come to a theater near you
Nov 22, 2013
Now classical music fans can enjoy Seoul Arts Center (SAC) concerts at movie theaters around the country. For the first time ever on November 16 the SAC Saturday Concert was televised live at five CGV movie theaters and four concert halls across the country. The 11 a.m. live broa...


Naju National Museum opens its doors
Nov 22, 2013
Naju recently opened a museum that brings together the essence of the ancient culture that developed along the Yeongsangang River. On November 22, the Naju National Museum opened its doors, becoming the first ever national museum in the province. Naju is a city in western Jeollan...


Future of content discussed at DICON 2013
Nov 22, 2013
Creative industry professionals from around the world gathered in Seoul to discuss the latest trends and knowledge regarding the content industry. At the 12th DICON 2013 conference on November 20 and 21, 35 specialists from the United States, Britain, Japan, China, France and els...


Gat, traditional headgear in Korea [1]
Nov 21, 2013
The world of hanbok is broad and deep. Like any collection of fashions, it has its variations, but a dapper Joseon-era man would always take care to wear his gat. Take a look at some Joseon Dynasty paintings. They show us the street scenes of the time: what people wore, what they...


Don Quixote embarks on his quest for dreams in Seoul
Nov 20, 2013
The journey of Don Quixote to find adventure and to accomplish his dreams has been revived on a Korean stage. Don Quixote is the famous hero who first appeared in the 17th century masterpiece ”The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha” (1605) by Spanish literary colossus M...


Blue-eyed Korean Bak Yeon loves Joseon
Nov 19, 2013
Many people might think of Hendrik Hamel (1630-1692) as the first Dutchman to land on Korean soil, back during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). However, some 25 years before Hamel there was another Dutchman who set foot on the peninsula and even lived here for the rest of his...


Korean royal cuisine hits Aussie shores
Nov 18, 2013
For non-Koreans, the most well-known Korean dishes are usually kimchi, bibimbap and bulgogi. But a special Korean cuisine event recently offered people the precious opportunity to sample royal court cuisine from Korea’s ancient palaces. At the Korean Banquet Showcase 2013, held o...


Korean pop culture spreads across the globe
Nov 18, 2013
Korean pop culture is gaining lots of attention from all corners of the world these days.Just take a look at the results of a special online competition that was launched to promote the documentary series “The Three Colors of Korea.” The series was jointly produced by the Korean ...


Gugak carries Korean tradition to Germany
Nov 18, 2013
The beautiful sounds of Korean traditional music were performed in Germany, the hub of western classical music. The "Explosion der Gefuehle 2," or “Explosion of Emotions 2” (unofficial translation), concerts were co-organized by the Korean Cultural Center in Germany and the Natio...


Joseon upper-class clothes come to life
Nov 15, 2013
During the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), young male intellectuals, known as seonbi, would think that their clean, proper attire reflected their pure dignity and their courtesy as a virtuous scholar.Taking place these days in Seoul, there is an exhibition that allows visitors to get...