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Dance enlivened at MODAFE 2013
May 21, 2013
A woman in glittering black boots and outfit came onto the stage and gave a message in an exotic accent along with unique, rhythmic movements of her limbs. “Languages bring about misunderstandings and ‘gesture,’ another communication means, retrogresses.”This was the opening scen...


'A Ray of Light’ shines through taekwondo, Hangeul, and...
May 16, 2013
Hangeul, Hanbok, and taekwondo… all those three things make one common thing pop up in everyone’s mind -- Korea. The convergence of the three elements emblematic of Korea turned into what ended up a magnificent work of art, A Ray of Light. The fusion martial arts performance was ...


Exhibit to develop affection for Korea and Vietnam
May 16, 2013
Korea and Vietnam offer a chance to exchange knowledge about each other’s contemporary cultures through artwork. A cross-cultural exhibition, prepared by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, opened on May 10 at Hanhyangrim Gallery in Paju. (left) "The girl and sea-bi...


Curiosity over Korean culture rises in unlikely regions
May 16, 2013
With PSY’s “Gentleman,” the follow-up to “Gangnam Style,” Korea’s pop culture has been exposed on a wider level even in far-flung places like the United Arab Emirates and Brazil. In Dubai, a region regarded as being less hyped for Korean culture, reports in major newspapers about...


Cultural diversity served up at Seoul Friendship Fair
May 14, 2013
Over 60 countries came together in downtown two weekends ago for a two-day journey around the world at the Seoul Friendship Fair. Celebrating its 18th year, the multicultural festival spotlighted the delicacies, cultures, and tourism of participant nations from May 4 to 5. T...


Lotus lanterns light up Seoul night
May 14, 2013
With just a few days left before Buddha’s Birthday on May 17, more than 100,000 colorful lotus lanterns lit up the Seoul night on May 11. Buddhists parade through Jongno Street, carrying handheld lanterns showing quotes from Buddhist scriptures in Hangeul (Korean alphabet) d...


Jongmyo Daeje reenacted to honor ancestors
May 13, 2013
Jongmyo Daeje, a rite for worshipping the late kings and queens of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), was performed in the heart of Seoul on May 5. The royal ancestral memorial rite, an annual event which falls on the first Sunday of May, was the largest and the most important memor...


Talented young Koreans highlighted at Smithsonian museu...
May 10, 2013
In Washington, D.C., where president Park Geun-hye is currently on a state visit, a cultural event highlighting young Korean artists took place on May 7 (Washington, D.C. time), in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the ROK- U.S alliance. The event venue, the Smithsonian Amer...


Celebrate May and spring with classical music
May 09, 2013
This month will be filled with classical music and harmony as two major music festivals are on their way. The Seoul International Music Festival (SIMF) and the Seoul Spring Festival of Chamber Music (SSF) will be held in late May, featuring world renowned artists and promising yo...


Korean visual effect technologies impress Hollywood
May 07, 2013
A gorilla named Ling Ling enters the batter’s box, its hair blowing in the wind. As a pitcher throws the ball, its eyes widen and its muscles wriggle. After swinging the bat and hitting the ball, it sprints to first base, its bushy hair flying and its muscles rippling. This was a...