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New year welcomed in with concert
Jan 06, 2014
President Park Geun-hye waves to the crowd at the 2014 New Year’s musical concert on January 3. (photo: Jeon Han)President Park Geun-hye opened the New Year by attending a musical concert at the Seoul Arts Center on January 3. It has now become her second official function of the...


Korean literature in English #3
Jan 03, 2014
The Library of Korean Literature series is a collection of ten Korean novels published in English last October in the U.S. (Photo courtesy of the Literature Translation Institute of Korea)The third novel in the ten-volume Library of Korean Literature series is “When Adam Opens Hi...

The Nut Job_Still_Cuy_th_02.jpg

Animated 3D film ‘The Nut Job’ hits North America
Jan 03, 2014
A Korean-made animated 3D film will soon reach movie-lovers across North America. “The Nut Job” is a Korea-Canada joint production on which the animation studio Redrover, along with its Canadian counterpart, has been working since 2010. It is scheduled to be screened starting Jan...


Alcohol in Korean life [4]
Jan 02, 2014
This is the fourth part of our series, “Alcohol in Korean life.” Click here to see the previous parts.Myeoncheon Dugyeonju, azalea liquor from Myeoncheon Origin and TransmissionMyeoncheon dugyeonju, an azalea liquor from Myeoncheon, was a seasonal drink that households acros...


Traditional patterns made available in modern designs
Jan 02, 2014
Since the ancient Three Kingdoms period (57 B.C.- A.D. 668) through to the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), there have been certain roof tile and brick patterns that Koreans used in their architecture when building palaces or temples. The size, shape and pattern details were transform...


Joseon royal tombs open to public
Dec 30, 2013
Across the capital city of Seoul, we can find as many as 42 royal tombs, sites that are both mysterious and historic. It is at these Joseon royal tombs that the kings and queens of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) are laying in peace.Some of these historic sites will be open to the...


Year of the horse seen through Korean tradition
Dec 30, 2013
Horses and humans have shared joy and sorrow for many years. Ever since people tamed the wild animal and trained and used them for transportation, they have become attached to each other. When horses were used as a means of transportation, they were important assets managed by th...


Korea's inbound tourists hit 12 million
Dec 30, 2013
The number of overseas tourists who visit Korea has exceeded 12 million for the first time. A special event was held to mark the arrival of the 12 millionth tourist to visit Korea in 2013 at Jeju International Airport on December 27. Vice Minister Cho Hyun-jae of the Ministry of ...


Korean literature receives international recognition
Dec 27, 2013
Two works of Korean literature were recently included on a list of notable translations this year, as selected by a well-known U.S. literature monthly. World Literature Today (WLT) announced a list of “75 Notable Translations 2013” in its December edition which includes translati...


New Sejong Institutes open in Malaysia, the Philippines...
Dec 27, 2013
Three Asian countries-- Malaysia, the Philippines and Tajikistan-- will host new branches of the King Sejong Institute, a center that offers locals the opportunity to explore Hangeul, the Korean alphabet, and Korean culture more broadly. The new institutes are set to open in...